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   Chapter 1983 Looking For Someone

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The scene in front of the Demon Night world lord was certainly something that she did not expect.

This strange human youth survived, but he didn't use any theurgy at all!

He did not use the protective life vitality nor other skills to protect him.

She had successfully hit him with her arrow within a distance of less than 100 feet. Yet there he was, perfectly undamaged.

The man who was supposed to have died in the huge pit was alive. Was he a human or a monster?

He slowly rose from the huge pit and walked forward. Fannie didn't feel any killing intent from him.

What she didn't know was Zen didn't actually want to engage in a senseless massacre. Even if Murphy had created the Demon Night race, they all grew up together in the same universe and became one with it. They were a part of the universe literally and figuratively.

Now, the key to the Demon Night race lay in the Soul-sealing Needles buried deep in the three queens' souls.

Zen wouldn't think twice about killing his opponent if they happened to be a Sacred world lord. However, he wouldn't take action if they were a member of the Demon Night race.

"Don't attack again, I mean no harm," Zen said as he walked towards the woman. Fannie kept a tight grip on her longbow. Her body was as tense as a tightly drawn bowstring as her feet shuffled on the ground.

Her movements were a unique footwork of the archers. She constantly moved backwards as Zen moved forward, careful to maintain a distance of about 100 feet from him.

However, she did not fire a third arrow. If the first two arrows couldn't damage this young man, could the third arrow kill him?

At that point, she was quite at a loss.

She had already identified Zen as an enemy, which meant she had to attack him with all her strength.

Yet, she didn't feel any hostility from him, which she also found strange. "Those who trespass on Prison Island will die! What's your purpose?!" Fannie demanded and remained vigilant.

"I'm looking for someone," Zen replied as he walked.

"All the prisoners on Prison Island are here by the queens' orders. There's no one you're looking for. Stop!" Fannie shouted.

Even if she threatened him with warnings and her weapon, Zen didn't seem bothered.

He simply continued to walk at an even pace.

Just then, Fannie suddenly heard a life vitality message. "Let's attack together and kill him!" said the voice.

Apparently, the one who had spoken was the other world lord of the Demon Night race on the Prison Island, Sammy.

Sammy was slightly stronger compared to Fannie.

Perhaps they might have a chance against Zen if they worked together.

Fannie was also a decisive person. She immediately acted once she had made a final decision.

Dust was swept off the ground as her speed was suddenly increased by several times. She moved backwards as the two ends of her lon

is human youth's voice was quite familiar.

He had a world lord's cultivation level, and possessed such terrifying strength at only a young age. There weren't many warriors like him in the entire universe.

"Who are you?" Fannie asked. Zen smiled. He had no intention of hiding anything at all.

"I am Zen Luo."

'Hmmm, it makes sense now, ' Fannie thought.

Her guess was verified; he really was the famed young warrior, Zen.

Sammy stared at Zen in a daze. She knew that his voice had often echoed throughout the universe. Moreover, his grudge towards Elena was also well-known.

However, the most important thing was that Zen had another queen of the Demon Night race with him.

"Don't resist. It's meaningless. I don't want to implicate the innocent," Zen said. His calm gaze swept over the two women before he turned around and chose a direction to walk in.

It wasn't difficult to find Amber through the will of worlds, so he was very clear about her location.

The two world lords behind him briefly looked at each other, and finally decided to give up. They no longer attacked Zen but at the same time, the human youth piqued their curiosity.

This should be Zen's first time on the Prison Island, so why was he able to pinpoint where Amber was?

After Zen had travelled through miles of the soldering iron pillars, he finally stopped in front of one huge soldering iron pillar.

Tied onto the iron pillar's surface was Amber, whose entire body was covered with corrosion marks. Her long hair reached the ground and her eyes were tightly shut. Upon closer inspection, Zen saw that her soul had also weakened.

When he saw her appearance, guilt bubbled up in his chest.

Zen had given Amber hope and had promised that he would take her out of the hellish prison in three years, but his past situation and strength did not allow him to do so. And so, Amber had suffered for much longer.

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