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   Chapter 1982 Taking Action

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A portion of the news regarding the Demon Night race and the ogres had already reached Zen through the Celestial Position race.

Although the three great human forces weren't participating, they still paid considerable attention to the war between the races.

Never had the two races been in harmony since the remote ages. Their supreme worlds intersected and for many years, there had never been a lack of warfare, including the full-fledged battles.

Three great battles were recorded in history, namely 'Battle of the Setting Sun, ' 'Battle of Slaughtering the Ogres, ' and the 'Bloody Battle of the Illusory Spirit World.' In these great battles, the ogre and Demon Night races had sent out hundreds of millions of people to battle, where several Supreme Lords had fallen to death.

The 'Battle of Slaughtering the Ogres' involved the joint attack of the Demon Night race and the Humanity Alliance on the ogres—the latter sustained great losses.

According to history, the ogres normally played less than brilliant roles.

The reckless, brutal, aggressive race wasn't welcomed in the universe—whether large or small the force, all were wary of the ogres.

But this time, facing the Sacred race's invasion, the ogres had a sudden burst of courage and uprightness, wanting to resist the Sacred race even to death—it was a rather rare occasion for them to play a positive role

As it turned out, the Demon Night race suddenly declared war on the humans before joining the Sacred race.

'According to Holy Drew's conjecture, the Demon Night race was created by Murphy to be his hidden palms in the Evolutionary Universe. Does this mean that the ogre race was created by my father as a precaution?"

As he continued searching for information, Zen thought long and hard about the situation.

Looking at the big picture, the possibility was quite high. Creating a race was an easy feat for Holy Beings. Zen just couldn't wrap his head around why Mike would create the cruel and infuriating race of the ogres.

In the current state of things, the Demon Night race had completely given up on their territory—their two queens had led the elite and rushed towards the center of the universe.

But if the Demon Night race wanted to enter the Thoughtless Minds' territory, they first had to pass through the ogres' territory. Otherwise, they could join the Sacred race and enter the Thoughtless Minds through the Dark World.

Unfortunately for them, the ogres easily discovered this route as well. They then set up layers of defenses in the two worlds adjacent to the Dark World.

After a few routes were blocked, the Demon Night race's advance was forcibly dragged down.

But during this process, the ogres had paid a considerable price.

Now, the entire race was also out while all the elites were placed in the Bloody Evi

The spiral left a ten-thousand-foot-long trail in the air as it shot towards the figure in a fierce and precise speed.

Though her opponent was a world lord, he couldn't dodge her arrow.

Fannie was rather confident in her archery skills—the longbow in her hand was a first-rank divine weapon, gifted to her by the island's master before leaving.

The spiral grew closer and closer until it finally hit the target accurately before exploding. The turbulence created a violent storm, completely annihilating the target.

"Is he dead?" Fannie murmured to herself as she stared at the sky.

When the storm dissipated, she saw a figure descend—or perhaps, the figure was falling.

'He should be dead already. The human world lord can't even withstand a single blow. How weak, ' Fannie thought. Hefting her longbow, she jumped into the air like an agile rabbit. Then, she flew nimbly through the air, heading straight for her target.

Just as her target fell to the ground, Fannie arrived at his side. But at the sight of the target, her expression turned incredulous.

The human world lord was lying in a large hole he had caused, slowly climbing to his feet. Then, he raised his head to give Fannie a smile.

The man was completely unharmed.

A chill ran down her spine as Fannie saw the scene. Immediately, she raised her hand and shot out an arrow.

Condensing an arrow, drawing the bow, aiming at the target, shooting the arrow…such movements had already become instinctual to Fannie. With all this happening in a single breath, there was simply no time for the opponent to even react.


The huge pit before them had burst out another storm and expanded to over twice its original size. When the storm dissipated, the figure of the human who had just fallen into the pit appeared once again. All the while, he wore a faint smile on his face, completely unharmed.

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