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   Chapter 1981 The Expansion Of The Great Worlds' Wills

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Heavenly essence filled the nine ditches, shining a beautiful silver in the sunlight.

The heavenly body was originally a means of creating a puppet.

A puppet made from heavenly essence was nearly immortal — even if its body was ripped apart, it could repair itself in an instant.

But refining the heavenly essence was no easy feat.

Obtaining a small amount of heavenly essence with poor purity already required much energy.

Although some puppeteers managed to make a puppet with the heavenly body, it was normally of a very small size. For this to work, a soul was needed to be sealed within the puppet — because of this need, it was usually regarded as an evil kind of martial arts.

It was by using the black flame that Zen had managed to refine the heavenly essence from abundant weapons in such a short time without any waste or impurity.

Suddenly, Master Feng clapped his hands.

In an instant, many snake-shaped textures flashed at the edges of the ditches. These divine textures had been drawn after the ditches were dug out.

Strands of red lines appeared from each divine texture and crept into the ditches like a hoard of worms.


Making a series of dull sounds, the strands of lines twisted around the coagulated heavenly essence. From Zen's view in the air, it looked as though nine red Genuine Dragons were crouching low on the ground.

"All rise!"

Waving his hands and clenching his fists toward the ditches, Master Feng shouted. Immediately, the red lines tied the heavenly bodies tightly together and lifted them up from the ditches, making them float in the air.

Each dragon looked as vivid as a living creature.

Their tails resembled clouds of fire, layers of scales covered their bodies, and their robust heads raised graphically toward the sky.

It was clear that the Celestial Position race had put a lot of effort into the nine heavenly bodies, having carved out each of the dragons' details.

For instance, the largest one had five claws, so naturally, it belonged to the Five-clawed Golden Dragon. Besides that one, all the other dragon bodies had four claws. Such was one of the many differences between the nine Genuine Dragons, all of which the Celestial Position race had detailed in carving the heavenly bodies, down to every characteristic.

Some of them had two tendrils while others had eight, some dragons had only two horns while others had four.

Extending his hands into the air, Master Feng yelled at all of the dragons' souls, "Now is the time!"

It had been an age that the dragons spent dreaming of regaining their physical bodies.

The new bodies built by heavenly essence weren't weaker than their original bodies. In some aspects, they were even more powerful. But one fatal weakness remained — th

ad originated from the divine land — in order to change the fate of the universe, he would have to someday enter the divine land.

After gaining their new bodies, the dragons had to hide themselves in the Breaking Cloud Sacred Place — one other disadvantage of the heavenly bodies was their inability to transform themselves into humans. It was all they could do to hide their huge bodies in the mountains.

After helping the dragons obtain their new bodies, Zen began planning the war against the Demon Night race. Still, there was something he had to figure out.

In his mansion at the Breaking Cloud Sacred Place, Zen found a rock to sit quietly on.

Shutting his eyes, he scanned certain memories in his mind.

In the past, these memories recorded only the information of a great world.

Four years ago, these memories had expanded a million times for the sake of the sorcerer race. This was because Zen had fused with the wills of a million great worlds.

Three years ago, these wills had extended through the ascending passageways and spread across the supreme worlds. Steadily and quickly, they had covered many parts of the universe, but Zen still had yet to scan through their memories after returning from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Now, he was taken aback by what he found out through these memories.

The wills of the one million great worlds had covered over six thousand supreme worlds in the Upper World.

This included all the supreme worlds belonging to the ogres and the Demon Night race.

Theoretically, Zen could obtain all information about the Demon Night race in the past years, including pieces from Lavender's birth up until her coronation as the queen.

The entire Demon Night race no longer held any secrets from Zen — he needed to pick out important details that were favorable for his next plans.

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