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   Chapter 1980 Burning The Mountain

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The Supreme Lords had already conducted twelve negotiations prior to Zen's arrival.

They had all come into conflicts with each other at some point in the past but all past grudges took a backseat in this time of crisis.

At this time, even the Humanity Alliance's territories had become a casualty to the war. They had all come to a point where nothing was too big of a sacrifice for the sake of the universe's survival.

Unfortunately, all twelve negotiations proved unsuccessful in formulating a feasible plan for their victory.

Zen's plan was far from perfect.

However, they all supported him because he was a rallying point and had a special status.

To pacify Supreme Lord of Oracle and the other members of the Humanity Alliance, Master Feng had no choice but to reveal Zen's real identity along with Mike's intention for the three greatest forces of the human race.

Zen's return convinced them even more in the truth of Master Feng's words.

He had only left for three years yet his cultivation had improved so much.

If Zen could carry the Heavenly Destiny successfully then his strength might surpass all of the Supreme Lords'.

They now fully believed in the Godly Geniuses' power to turn the tables for them.

Most importantly, even if they did not believe in Zen and the Celestial Position race, the Sacred race remained as an unbeatable opponent against the three greatest forces of the human race.

There was no other choice other than to put their hopes upon Zen and believe in him.

Zen, of course, noticed the Supreme Lords' attitudes which was why he came up with a plan to gain their support.

In a quiet corner of the Breaking Cloud Sacred Place

Several dozen world lords were busy coming and going.

After arriving, each one would take the time to open their space rings.

From there, they brought out weapons and treasures and plopped them all down onto the ground.

Most of the weapons were spiritual, fairy, and sacred weapons.

Such practice had lasted for several years.

In fact, it had been implemented ever since Zen's first visit to the Celestial Position race territory.

Most of the weapons were still intact and undamaged and an ordinary warrior would no doubt find just one already extremely valuable and precious.

These weapons had been collected from all corners of the universe.

After years upon years of accumulation, this pile of weapons and treasures had reached several hundred thousand feet high.

In the bright sunlight, the mountain of treasure glittered and shone in a multitude of colors.

"What do you think they're planning to do with all these weapons?"

"Who knows? At least they're not for eating, right?"

"It has been several years since the fi

lance, beginning to collapse one by one.


With the mountain's collapse, the black flame finally made its appearance.

It was now a huge fire as compared to the initial small spark it once was. The flame didn't show any sign of stopping anytime soon as it continued blazing higher and higher.

As it grew, it also got even fiercer and faster at consuming the treasures.

The clanging sound of falling weapons reverberated in the entire place. Everyone watched in awe as the black flames danced upon the once glorious mountain of treasure like vicious, ebony serpents.

Even the Supreme Lords couldn't help but gasp as they watched these divine flames burn.

One careless brush against these flames would burn their bodies to ashes.

However, Zen remained motionless on top of the mountain. His body remained whole and unyielding despite the ferocity of the flames.

The fire went from the bottom to the very top and turned all weapons into heavenly essence that flowed into the ditches built underneath the treasure mountain.

In wasn't until another half-hour that the mountain finally disappeared.

With no more fuel, the fire then began to fizzle out, slowly reducing in size before spiraling happily in the air and returning into the center of Zen's brows.

With the consumption of the weapons came the appearance of the nine huge ditches underneath.

These ditches were dug way before the first weapon had been dropped in this place. The most skillful craftsmen of the Celestial Position race worked very hard for several months to create them.

All that hard work translated to all nine ditches filled to the brim with heavenly essence. With an unhindered view of the ditches, Zen saw how each one was intricately shaped like a dragon. The nine formed a sort of painting of the Genuine Dragons.

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