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   Chapter 1979 Take A Risk

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Maha was previously lying on his chair. However, he immediately jumped upon hearing that so many warriors accepted the challenge.

Two beautiful female servants walked out from behind his chair and draped a large, silver cloak over him. Maha gave the Supreme Lords a cold smile. "I'll be going to the Sunflower Water World soon. Everyone, please prepare well."

This was an extremely advantageous outcome for the Sacred race.

Since the world lords of the Evolutionary Universe dared to accept the challenge then Maha would do his best to eliminate all of them.

He also did not fear any of the Supreme Lords. The Sacred race was not afraid of all-out war!

There was also an underlying scheme Maha was brewing by going to the Sunflower Water World.

Killing all the powerful warriors also meant destroying the morale of the entire universe, thus, suppressing its momentum.

The Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe making their move was exactly what the Sacred race wanted to see.

Many of the world lords quickly mobilized towards the Sunflower Water World.

Meanwhile, Xenia and Karl, both Godly Geniuses, also made their return.

Nathan and Lucille were rescued by the Humanity Alliance after falling into the Fiery Rock World and returned to the Thoughtless Minds.

Supreme Lord Healum was able to calculate their position. He displayed the Space Lock to connect to Yolande whom he then projected into the Fiery Rock World. She created quite a ruckus that enabled Supreme Lord Healum to take the two Godly Geniuses away before the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race arrived.

The ability to deduce directions by means of the heavens was an extremely useful advantage to the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe. This was a consequence the Sacred race had to come to terms with by battling in the enemy territory.

Several days later, the Supreme Lords of the three great human forces gathered on top of Breaking Cloud Mountain.

The Supreme Lords were all wise and naturally understood Maha's motives. They gathered here first to try to figure out how to deal with this situation.

Understandably, the atmosphere around them was extremely heavy.

"It's not the right time... Maha has given us quite a difficult problem." Master Feng, the head of the Celestial Position race, sat on the seat of honor but there was an evident trace of fatigue on his face.

Supreme Lord of Oracle stood in front of Master Feng. She wore a cyan long dress today that perfectly emphasized her perfect figure. She too wore a look of helplessness on her face. "If the decisive battle starts earlier, what would be our chances of winning?"

The eyes of Supreme Lord of O

verse, it will still be useless because as long as there is hope, then our morale will rise again!"

Zen paused before continuing. "Let me bring our warriors hope. I will kill Maha!"

"This strategy..." Supreme Lord of Original Sin hesitated for a moment. Zen's idea was a bit risky after all.

"This is practically a desperate choice." Supreme Lord of Oracle sighed lightly.

They would first let the Sacred race suppress all living creatures in this universe. In this oppressive environment, the warriors would turn into rebels armed with indignation and desperate courage. It was resistance against the set order of violence and oppression that fueled a warrior's determination!

When that happened, all of the trillion creatures would fight for their lives. Once the momentum rebounded, then it would yield a terrifying result.

However, if they did commence with this plan, they might have to sacrifice a few world lords who would go against Maha in the Sunflower Water World.

"Can anyone propose a better choice?" Zen asked.

The Supreme Lords all stayed silent.

It seemed there was no other choice.

Procrastination was only equal to suicide in their case.

"According to Zen's idea, if we take the risk, we can increase the chances of winning by ten percent," Master Feng declared.

The worry was still evident in the Supreme Lords' faces, but this plan was their only choice. They could only hope that this was also the right one.

One could either rely on their strength when faced against a powerful opponent or choose to be cunning and take advantage of the situation to win.

"If all of you accept my suggestion, then we will have to move fast. Before the Sacred race can make their move, we must defeat the Demon Night!" Zen declared with conviction.

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