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   Chapter 1978 An Unavoidable Fight

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Hearing the words of the child, the people listening in the universe suddenly realized what had happened.

The boy was Zen's son.

"You bastard!" Maha wore an angry look on his face.

To mortals, a person who was ninety-two years old already had one foot in the grave.

However, for martial artists, he was still too young.

Normally, martial artists would live for thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. Mortals adjudged them to be immortals.

Besides, those at the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm, and the Spirit Transformation Realm usually lived for millions of years.

World lords could live for tens of millions of years, and Supreme Lords could live for hundreds of millions of years.

With such long lifespans, they were witnesses to the passage of time and the births and deaths of races. To the mortals, these were eternal existences.

Ninety-two years old.

For world lords who had lifespans of tens of millions of years, one at the age of ninety-two was like a chick pecking through an eggshell. It had just opened its eyes and stuck out its furry head from the broken eggshell to perceive the world around it.

In this time, Maha had already trained to the world lord level and had become a genuine Godly Genius.

Undoubtedly, his talent could not be underestimated.

Unfortunately, there were people still more powerful than him.

In truth, the ten Godly Geniuses in the Evolutionary Universe were much younger than Maha, for the conditions for the birth of Godly Geniuses were different between the two universes.

Right now, Mike was at a critical moment, so he no longer had any qualms. Godly Geniuses, including Zen, Rocher and Nathan, were the trump cards for his last counterattack.

If they failed, they would witness the death of a Holy Being.

Murphy had not gotten so far. Still, he held the upper hand. There was no need for him to invest his resources into Godly Geniuses. After all, when a Godly Genius like Maha grew up and went to the divine land, he would only become one of his disciples.

Perhaps Maha was not as highly talented as the ten Godly Geniuses in the universe, but he was still the son of the number one Supreme Lord of the Sacred race. In addition, he was several dozen years older than the ten Godly Geniuses. With the cultivation of the Sacred race, his current strength was truly unmatched. He was only inferior to a Supreme Lord.

Geoffrey's answer was childish, but his logic was easy to follow.

Since Maha had offered to fight Zen and emphasized the word 'fair', then he must do so in an absolutely fair manner.

But Maha was older than Zen by over fifty years, and based on age alone, the

ns. With these words of ridicule, the momentum in the universe began to diminish.

The mortals and martial artists stared at each other in deathly silence.

"Sad. This Godly Genius of the Sacred race is too arrogant. Not a single human among us dares to accept his challenge!"

"Godly Geniuses are still young, so they won't be willing to get themselves killed. Other than them, are there other talents in the universe?"

"It's because of the difference in strength. Otherwise, even the Sacred race would not dare to attack us!"

Dejection was quick to spread through the universe.

However, Maha's provocation only lasted for a short period of time.

Among the trillions of creatures of the Evolutionary Universe, some brave men had faced death unflinchingly.

Perhaps they knew that their strength was inferior to Maha's, but they did not cower in the face of his challenge.

"I, Alexander Zhao of the Spirit Turtle race, accept your challenge! Let's meet in the Sunflower Water World half a month later!"

a hoarse voice said. The first person to come forward was from the Spirit Turtle, a small race. It was little known in the universe and had never had any Supreme Lords. Alexander was the only grand world lord of the race.

"I, Blair of the ogre race, accept your challenge!"

The second was Blair, an ogre grand world lord. The ogres were born with wild natures and could not tolerate Maha's provocation. Although they were still at loggerheads with the Demon Night race and were badly in need of powerful talents, Blair resolutely chose to accept the challenge.

"Yolande from the Humanity Alliance will take your life," Yolande's cold voice sounded out.

And so, as more and more martial artists responded, the momentum in the universe ascended once again.

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