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   Chapter 1977 A Child's Voice (Part Two)

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"Pah, pah, pah!"

Maha slapped the golden scimitar's side with his strong palm. Then, with a smile on his face, he said, "Supreme Lord Palmere's suggestion is truly great!"

Even though Supreme Lord Palmere heard Maha's praise, he didn't seem happy at all. He remained neutral and didn't care about Maha's complimentary words.

Decisiveness was one of Maha's characteristics. He casually patted his waist, and then a Roaring Token appeared and floated in front of him. After it was activated, Maha's voice loudly echoed throughout the entire universe...

At the same time, Zen travelled in the Breaking Cloud World along with Geoffrey and Letitia.

The three of them were focused on their plans when they became alerted by an unexpected sound.

Maha's voice suddenly vibrated through the air, accompanied by his wild laughter. Zen and the others could clearly hear his maniacal voice.

"Zen, you talked nonsense a few days ago. Aren't you going to represent the human race to attack our Sacred race? Don't think that I have forgotten your idle threat! Now, on behalf of the Sacred race, I'll give you a fair chance. I will be waiting for you in the Sunflower Water World. I'll look forward to crushing you!"

After he was reprimanded by Zen, Maha did not make any move for several days. But with Supreme Lord Palmere's strategy, Maha's voice once again reverberated throughout the entire universe!

"What? Maha dares to challenge Zen?"

"Maha has the cultivation base of a world lord. Additionally, he also had once killed several grand world lords. That guy's strength is far greater than that of an ordinary world lord! When Zen was in the Illusion Battlefield four years ago, he was only at the Spirit Supreme Realm... This challenge is unfair!"

child's voice continued to demand a reply from Maha.

When Supreme Lord Denzel, Supreme Lord Irvin and the others saw Maha's hesitant expression, all of them secretly laughed in their hearts. They thought of how hilarious it was that Maha couldn't even respond to a mere child.

As for Supreme Lord Palmere, who came up with the suggestion, he had a strange expression on his face. Confusion enveloped his face as he wandered again in his thoughts. He had considered all sorts of scenarios, but he just hadn't expected that sort of thing...

In the end, Maha slapped the golden scimitar onto the ground and activated a Roaring Token. His face reflected his agitation. "I am 92 years old!"

There was a moment of silence...

Then, that child's voice said with a tone full of mockery, "You're so old! You are already a 92-year-old man! I am 11 years old, and my father is 33 years old. My father's age plus my age is only 44 years old. Even if you combined our ages, it would still be younger than you. It's simply unfair that you challenged my father to a battle. After all, if my father were to cultivate for fifty more years, he would easily beat you to the ground!"

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