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   Chapter 1976 A Child's Voice (Part One)

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In regards to the overall situation, the Sacred race were the ones who had the advantage.

However, the human race still had a praiseworthy strategy. Even against the odds, they were able to devise such an intelligent scheme.

After they sacrificed the territory of the Humanity Alliance, the Sacred race was stuck in a quagmire. The warriors of the Sacred race were unable to move any further into the universe. They continued to linger at the supreme worlds, which were on the border between the Humanity Alliance and the Thoughtless Minds.

Whenever the Sacred race wanted to continue their expansion, the Thoughtless Minds and the Blessed Buddha Land disrupted their advance. The two groups dispatched hundreds of world lords to attack the supreme worlds occupied by the Sacred race.

The most important thing in their strategy was that there seemed to be a Supreme Lord among the human race, who carried the Heavenly Destiny of a space theurgy! The Heavenly Destiny could send any martial artist into any supreme world. Additionally, the martial artist would usually appear and disappear mysteriously to make sure the enemies wouldn't be able to detect them...

As such, the Sacred race would often be bewildered with mysterious events. For example, as soon as the Sacred race occupied two supreme worlds, several world lords were sent to guard them. However, those world lords were always slaughtered suddenly just after the Supreme Lords of the Sacred race left!

In truth, the Supreme Lord who held the Heavenly Destiny was Supreme Lord Healum of the Humanity Alliance.

The Heavenly Destiny that he carried belonged to the Space Law. Additionally, the Heavenly Destiny he held contained the theurgy known as the Space Lock. The martial artist connected to the Space Lock could be thrown to any corner in t

e labelled as cowards. This would suppress their morale and thus weaken the momentum of the universe!"

Supreme Lord Palmere's idea might have sounded simple to the others, but he had reasons to believe that it would work against the human race.

The human race were the ones who had declared war. Additionally, Zen had issued the war declaration throughout the entire universe. If they would not dare to accept the challenge, it would only show that the human race didn't dare fight with the Sacred race at all. It would brand them as cowards.

If such a thing happened, it would be detrimental to the morale of the human race.

Moreover, they possessed the Roaring Token of the Evolutionary Universe. With that treasure, all the creatures in the universe would hear the declaration of challenge from the Sacred race. If the human race would reject the challenge, everyone would know their cowardice. As such, the morale of the human race would be instantly destroyed!

"After we declare our challenge, they will have to take it. But no matter what method the human race choose, the final result will be a crushing defeat for them. Maha, what do you think?" Supreme Lord Palmere said with a shrewd smile.

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