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   Chapter 1975 Malice Of The Universe

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A number of Supreme Lords stood on either side of Maha, and all of them remained silent.

To be honest, none of the Supreme Lords present was happy with Maha.

A Supreme Lord was a superior existence in every which way. They were the people who stood at the peak of this world, the ones who carried the Heavenly Destiny, and the ones who represented the heavens.

Even though Maha was a Godly Genius and the son of the top Supreme Lord, he was still just a world lord. And the Supreme Lords would not willingly submit to anyone without any absolute strength to suppress them.

But because of Maha's status, the Supreme Lords maintained a respectful attitude, even though it was a facade.

Now that Maha had encountered a problem and wanted the Supreme Lords to come up with some ideas, they might not necessarily be very cooperative.

Maha had originally gathered the Supreme Lords today for a brainstorming session. As he looked at the reluctant Supreme Lords, the smile on his face hardened.

"It looks like none of you has anything to worry about at all!" Maha sneered. "Didn't you discover anything strange after arriving here?"

Most of the Supreme Lords remained silent.

Only Supreme Lord Noel spoke up. "Of course we have. This world is filled with malice towards us."

Maha nodded. "Yes, malice!"

The universe was originally an organic whole, like a complete human being.

If a person got sick, all bodily functions would be mobilized to fight against the disease. If the human body could beat the disease, then it would naturally heal. If not, the disease would worsen.

The Evolutionary Universe was like a person, and the Sacred race had broken through the Sighing Wall, which was like breaking through its skin.

As an alien race, the Sacred race had begun to erode the body like a countless number of diseases attacking it.

The Evolutionary Universe didn't even need the command of the Holy Being to initiate an attack. It was simply a conditioned reflex.

The grass, the trees, the rivers, the lakes, the sea, the space, the stars, and countless other living beings and races of the universe maintained a strong enmity towards the Sacred race.

Even when they simply walked on the grass, they would occasionally stumble over knotted grass.

Since the invasion, the Sacred race had already encountered 70, 000 earthquakes in various supreme worlds.

As they proceeded through the supreme worlds of the Humanity Alliance, they encountered over six hundred massive beast attacks, over a thousand insect aggressions, and over ten thousand tsunamis.

These were mere statistics, but the true number of disasters might well exceed that.

These inexplicable disasters were all aimed at the martial artists of the Sacred race. This was the

Godly Genius?" a Supreme Lord of the Sacred race asked.

"That is not important. What is important is your attitudes. If we were to fight those Supreme Lords, you guys would be the ones to rush to their deaths. Not me," Maha sneered.

"But when it does happen, how can you bear to stay out of it?" Supreme Lord Denzel countered coldly.

"Oh?" The smile on Maha's face widened. "It would be a pity if my body were to perish, of course. But my father has prepared another body for me, made of a holy fruit of the spinulose wood fern. So I don't care if I die or not in the Evolutionary Universe. On the other hand, if you guys were to die... Heh heh!"

Maha had already made preparations. He had a way out even if he died.

His father was controlling the spinulose wood fern. He had also taken a holy fruit from the tree and turned it into another body for Maha, which was even better than the previous one.

As Maha spoke, a silence descended on the Supreme Lords once again.

But this silence was different.

Previously, they hadn't wanted to cooperate with Maha, but now, they were pondering the situation they were about to face.

After five minutes of silence, Maha leaned back against his chair. In his hand was a small golden scimitar. Maha's fingers gently caressed the edge of the exquisite-looking scimitar.

He narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze across the crowd of Supreme Lords, an arrogant smile appearing on his face.

He hadn't had any regard for these Supreme Lords from the very beginning.

After a long while, Supreme Lord Palmere, who had been neutral so far, finally spoke up. "If we want to destroy their momentum, we must first give the humans a painful beating."

"I actually hope to start an all-out war with the human race, but I'm afraid those old foxes aren't so stupid," Maha said, shaking his head.

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