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   Chapter 1974 In A Dilemma (Part Two)

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Maha indifferently looked at Supreme Lord Denzel. He didn't refute his words, though.

"The master of the Murphy Universe has urged his disciples to repeatedly emphasize that no one else in the Evolutionary Universe is important, except for the Godly Geniuses, and everyone should spare no effort to go all out and kill them! This is your negligence to let that Godly Genius go, and you should trust that I will send a message back to the Murphy Universe!" Supreme Lord Denzel said.

The master he spoke of was the creator of the Murphy Universe, Holy Murphy.

In fact, from a racial-interest perspective, the Sacred race didn't have a strong motive for invading the Evolutionary Universe at all.

The Murphy Universe was already so large, it was enough to hold the entire Sacred race. More so, there were still many supreme worlds within the Murphy Universe that the Sacred race had never occupied or even explored before.

Taking over the Evolutionary Universe wouldn't do the Sacred race any good.

The Sacred race was ultimately created by Murphy though, and Murphy was the father of their race. He wanted the Sacred race to break the Sighing Wall and take over the Evolutionary Universe. There was simply no reason for the Sacred race to refuse!

Before the Sighing Wall was opened, Murphy had sent a message through his disciples, saying that his primary goal was to occupy the entire Evolutionary Universe while his another goal was to kill all the Godly Geniuses.

If he could occupy the Evolutionary Universe, he knew he could kill Mike.

By killing the Godly Geniuses, he'd be capable of severing any remaining hope that Mike might be able to make his own comeback.

This was a common game between Holy Beings. As for the Sacred race, they didn't really comprehend what was going on. They didn't

didn't take him seriously at all. He turned around and his figure flashed as he sat down, looking around at all the Supreme Lords present. He rested his chin on his hand and said, "Everyone, we've gathered here today in order to find a solution, not to argue. In such a situation, what sort of brilliant plan might you have for dealing with this?"

It was true that the Sacred race had occupied over three thousand supreme worlds of the Humanity Alliance, but in reality, they had also been dragged into a quagmire.

If the Sacred race wanted to continue expanding toward the supreme worlds of the Thoughtless Minds, they would have to stabilize the supreme worlds that had already been seized, which was why they used the Blood Curse Array. This Blood Curse Array though, was very troublesome to employ and was also very expensive. It greatly slowed the speed of the Sacred race's expansion.

Currently, the three great human forces, the Celestial Position, the ogre race, as well as the small races had all declared war on the Sacred race. If the Sacred race didn't take any more steps forward, it would greatly affect their morale!

Thus, the Sacred race found themselves in a dilemma, to say the least.

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