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   Chapter 1973 In A Dilemma (Part One)

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It didn't take long for Zen to gain quite a distance between him and the peddlers. After Letitia caught up to him, she covered her mouth and giggled at his side.

The passers-by on both sides of the street all cast strange gazes in their direction, not knowing what exactly the couple was doing.

Only Geoffrey was extremely calm, still utterly focused on eating the snacks in his hands.

From this experience though, Zen had definitely learned his lesson. The next time he'd take his son out to have a little fun, he'd at least come prepared with a few silver coins beforehand.

Over the next few days, the three of them toured through several cities. Along the way, they'd even met a few warriors with low cultivation levels who cast greedy eyes on the beautiful Letitia, seemingly having evil thoughts about her. Geoffrey stood in front of his mother just in time, and the warriors were all scared away by Zen's aura.

Throughout the trip though, Zen had truly enjoyed a rare moment of joy.

It was a pity that the universe's current situation was still very dangerous. Otherwise, he'd have been more than willing to take a decade or two of time to accompany Geoffrey.

During the past few days, roars from the Roaring Tokens could often be heard booming throughout the universe.

Since the Sacred race had invaded the Evolutionary Universe, they used the Roaring Tokens to announce their feats every time they occupied a supreme world or killed a world lord. In this way, they suppressed the morale of the people living in this universe.

The said voices often rang in the people's ears, which was truly annoying, to say the least.

However, the content spoken through the Roaring Token today was actually aimed directly at Zen!

Upon hearing these words, Zen could do nothing but frown immediately.

At that time, the clouds condensed with the rolling blood mist

the upper hand. With their absolute advantage, occupying the entire Evolutionary Universe would be a breeze to achieve.

In just three years, they had already taken up more than three thousand supreme worlds. Their current speed was already quite fast.

According to the Sacred race's plan, even if they'd spent three hundred years occupying these three thousand supreme worlds, this still wouldn't be considered slow.

Maha was the top Godly Genius, the leader of the Sacred race's expedition force. His strength might not be comparable to that of certain Supreme Lords, but he had the authority to command Supreme Lords. That was why Supreme Lord Noel and Supreme Lord Barrie were like his subordinates before Maha.

However, not all Supreme Lords were bossed around by him. "Maha!" someone shouted his name powerfully. "You actually let that human Godly Genius escape right in front of you! That's a grave dereliction of duty! And you know it!" The one speaking was Supreme Lord Denzel. He had the most seniority of all the Supreme Lords throughout the entire Sacred race, and he was a top-rank Supreme Lord.

When he heard that Maha had let the human Godly Genius escape, he simply questioned him right in the face, without showing any mercy.

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