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   Chapter 1972 Travel Around

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When he noticed Geoffrey looking so excited, Zen felt rather guilty.

It was true. He couldn't be considered a dutiful father, and had never even seriously spent any time with his son. However, in his heart, he had made the decision to take time to travel around with him more.

After Zen had handed the Crown of Destiny over to Wynn, Wynn had told him that something had to be done to the Crown of Destiny and it would take some time.

Thus, Master Feng had arranged accommodation for Zen and the others from the Cloud Hall.

After dealing with these trivial matters and having everyone settle down, Zen wasn't in a hurry to discuss the next step. Instead, he took Geoffrey and Letitia out for a trip.

"If a great world is a unit...

Then a supreme world is a thousand such units!

This supreme world is truly vast and endless!"

Sitting on Zen's shoulder, Geoffrey let out a cry of surprise in his childish voice.

The distant mountains that stretched endlessly were like motionless elephants in a deep sleep, emitting a majestic aura in the heavens and on earth. A single glance at them could make people feel full of power.

"A supreme world is a thousand great worlds? Who told you that?" Zen asked, puzzled.

"It's from the book!" Geoffrey replied with a smile.

"The book from the library, you mean?" Zen asked.


Geoffrey replied, happily. He then went on to say, "The one million great worlds are the feet. The one hundred thousand supreme worlds are the hands. The stars in the skies above are the internal organs. And as the stars revolve, it's like a living being who begins to breathe, forming a style of its own…"

"What's the name of this book, Geoffrey?" Although Geoffrey's voice was still young and hadn't begun to change yet, the content of his words was extraordinary. To Zen, it felt as though he was being enlightened.

"Summary of Constructing the Universe," answered Geoffrey in an honest, straightforward tone.

The title wasn't hard to understand. Clearly, this book spoke of what the author had experienced when constructing the universe.

Constructing an universe was an extremely complex process, and more had to be done to stabilize it on the boundaries of the divine land.

Zen immediately thought that this book had probably been written by his master Bromley, while he was building his own universe.

That library was truly a treasure trove. It was a pity that Zen hadn't taken the time to read through all the ancient books within, and it was thus somewhat of a waste for him to have the library at all.

Little Geoffrey, on the other hand, who actually enjoyed reading, benefited greatly from the library.

"As a father, you're too ignorant in front of your son," Letitia said, all while giving a gentle smile. Geoffrey's serious tone when repeating the book's passage made her feel proud. This little guy, who had once given her many headaches, was now beginning to show his true talent and power.

Zen chuckled. Losing to his son wasn't a big deal. He, too, was proud of Geoffrey.

Half a day later, after passing through the mountain range, the bustling Strongdell City came creeping into view.

Zen originally wanted to take Geoffrey to another place to see the magnificent scenery. Geoffrey grabbed Zen's ha

He felt terrible.

As Letitia saw her husband in such a predicament, her heart softened. She rolled her eyes before reaching for her space ring.

In fact, Letitia didn't usually carry any gold or silver with her either, but she was the kind of woman who always carried plenty of little trinkets along with her. A few of them were made of gold, such as the hairpin she took out from her space ring. She transformed the pin into a number of small golden beads and handed them over to Zen.

When Zen saw these gold beads, he let out a sigh of relief. He finally had a way out of this embarrassing situation. However, he didn't expect that when he handed the gold beads to the peddlers, they were all completely overwhelmed.

"Sir, this is just way too much..."

"These are pure gold beads, and they are enough to buy my entire shop. Besides, I simply don't have enough change to give you…"

"Eight silver coins is enough, sir. Do you have that amount?"

Zen immediately felt a headache approach as he heard these words. With a flick of his hand and perfect control of his strength, the gold beads fell into the hawkers' pockets. Zen immediately grabbed Geoffrey by the arm and said, "There's no need for change." He left briskly, leaving no trace behind him.

Geoffrey tightly grabbed onto the snacks in his hand, completely ignoring the surrounding noises. It was true that this child's greatest ability was to focus.

Letitia leisurely followed behind the two of them. Seeing her husband's actions, squirming beneath the embarrassment, she couldn't help but feel amused. As for the peddlers, they all stood, minds blown, completely dumbfounded.

Each of them had four to five gold beads in their pockets, which was equivalent to several years of revenue in their business. It wasn't until the immortal-like couple had left far, far away that they finally got back to their senses and realized that they had just made a fortune. They were extremely excited. Although they had guessed at the idea that the couple were not mortals, they were now sure of their guesses. This city was after all a city in the Upper World, and it wasn't at all impossible to encounter rich warriors here!

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