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   Chapter 1971 Leaving Fairy Palace

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At that moment, Supreme Lord Lester was not able to think of anything else. All of his awareness was focused on the crisis before him and how they could avert it.

Master Feng was sure that Zen played an extremely special and important role in Mike's plan. Zen would never have been restricted to just one part of the universe.

Once a martial artist carried a Heavenly Destiny and became a Supreme Lord, their ability to leave the universe was lost. They were no longer allowed to travel where they pleased.

Zen would have lost the capability to go to the divine land.

But they had no choice. If they wanted to be able to solve the crisis posed by the Sacred race, it was better for Zen to carry a Heavenly Destiny and become a Supreme Lord.

It was not certain whether Zen could really save the universe. Even if Zen drove back the Sacred race to the Murphy Universe, it would have only solved their current crisis. It didn't mean that Zen would be an all-powerful being that could save them from any predicament.

The people in the Hall of Holy Beings of the divine land would never let Mike go.

Now that Murphy had initiated an attack on the Evolutionary Universe, other Holy Beings might see their chance to break through the Sighing Wall and invade the Evolutionary Universe. It would have been an infinite war; Zen wouldn't have been able to fight off so many Holy Beings' attacks even if he had three heads and six arms.

Upon hearing Master Feng's words, Supreme Lord Lester fell silent.

Burdening Zen with a Heavenly Destiny wouldn't indeed be the best solution.

Once he was given a Heavenly Destiny, it would leave a mark behind. This mark was deeply engraved in one's soul, and it would never be removed. It also disqualified one from becoming a True God.

"We'll discuss this matter in the future," Master Feng smiled as he addressed the Supreme Lords.

Just as he finished talking, a voice suddenly quipped nearby, "I have a suggestion!"

"Master Wynn!"

"Master Wynn!".

When they heard that voice, all the Supreme Lords adopted a respectful stance.

Not far away, a figure approached. The old man was dressed in a long, immaculate white robe; his entire body was radiant and spotless, as if dust would be automatically repelled if it as much as brushed his garments. This was the only True God of the Celestial Position race, Wynn.

When Zen saw Wynn, he also nodded his head in acknowledgment and bowed in greeting, "Master Wynn."

As Zen entered the Celestial Position race for the first time in the past, he did not know their true intentions. A malicious suspicion even arose in his heart and he had a strong dislike for the Celestial Position race.

However, when he saw Wynn, another realization made itself known in his mind.

This True God Wynn was Mike's disciple, his father's disciple!

If only these other Supreme Lords weren't here in the same room with them, Zen would have really wanted to ask him what kind of person his father was. Zen would have wanted to hear more stories about

d after eating this Dust Cleaning Pill, they will be able to walk in the Upper World for a period of time."

"How long will this Dust Cleaning Pill last?" Zen asked.

Supreme Lord Sky smiled and said, "The Dust Cleaning Pills are high-grade pills. One Dust Cleaning Pill should last for about thirty years."

Zen had thought that it would be enough if this pill could last for a few dozen hours. He was speechless when he heard that it could last for thirty years.

The Celestial Position race was really powerful. He extended his hand to take the bottle of the Dust Cleaning Pills and stepped into the fairy palace.

Geoffrey, Imogen and many people from the Cloud Hall had been waiting for a long time.

They had been cooped up in the fairy palace for many years. The environment of the fairy palace was good enough, but to them, it was like a prison.

Zen brought out the Dust Cleaning Pills and distributed them into everyone's hands. After everyone had eaten it, Zen headed out to acquire the Crown of Destiny.

The moment that Zen's hand touched the Crown of Destiny, the entire heavens suddenly trembled!

The Supreme Lords of the Celestial Position race were not surprised. They knew that Zen had touched the Crown of Destiny, but the other Supreme Lords in the universe all looked up at the sky in surprise, wondering why the heavens were shaking again.

Zen had no choice but to endure this kind of shock. There was a connection between the Crown of Destiny and the heavens. It immediately started to shake once he wasn't paying attention.

After he took out the Crown of Destiny, Zen left the fairy palace with Geoffrey and the others.

Geoffrey was bored in the fairy palace; he could only use his talent to decipher the golden Sanskrit. However, he was still an eleven-year-old child and was filled with curiosity towards this world.

After Zen released them, he was naturally elated. He almost jumped up in excitement as he looked up at the Breaking Cloud Mountain, which was like a giant crystal.

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