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   Chapter 1970 A Proposal

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The people in the universe didn't know much about the Heavenly Destiny that Master Feng carried as he had never released all of the Lotus Flower's power in one go before.

Judging from the scene in front of them though, it was quite obvious that it contained an incredible power.

Under the pressure of the Lotus Flower, Zen's body was sinking rapidly.

However, Zen didn't seem to notice as he remained standing calmly. All the strength he had was activated and, like a raging sea, it coursed through every meridian in his body.

All nine stars in his inner world began to spin faster and faster, its strength source turning into threads and flowing into Zen's meridians.

With the help of Holy Drew, Zen had refined his body, causing his strength to increase tremendously. However, even with his current strength, the nine stars' strength source was still too much for him.

At this stage, thirty percent was all he could take. Any more than that and his body would collapse.

In order to resist the pressure that was steadily descending on him, Zen extracted more of the strength source, making the stars spin even faster.

Ten percent…

Twenty percent…

Because the strength had rushed quickly into his body, Zen's bones pressed into each other and began to make squeaky sounds. And as the pressure gradually increased, the sounds also turned more violent and were now comparable to that of two mountains sliding against each other. His body, although battered, was strong as steel and iron, its toughness surpassing that of a supreme divine weapon.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the Lotus Flower finally halted its descent.

"He really managed to hold it..." Supreme Lord Mirage whispered in disbelief and astonishment.

"What kind of power does this kid possess? This is the technique of a Holy Being! No one below the level of a True God should be able to take it!" Supreme Lord Sky was also amazed.

Master Feng's eyes gleamed. He pointed two fingers and gently pushed them down.

Squeak! Squeak!

The Lotus Flower that Zen struggled to hold above his head began to press down once again.

"It's so heavy!"

Zen exclaimed with gritted teeth.

Master Feng's Heavenly Destiny was truly something else. A lotus flower was actually able to release a weight infinitely heavier than the Collapsing Mountain race's Magic Golden Stone!

Feeling the massive weight press down on him, Zen could only draw out more strength source from his inner world.

"Thirty percent!"

Thirty percent of strength source of the nine stars was his li

he spoke, everyone listened attentively.

"What proposal?" Master Feng asked.

"Help Zen carry a Heavenly Destiny!" Supreme Lord Lester glanced at Zen and said.

"Heavenly Destiny?" Master Feng was slightly surprised.

Supreme Lord Lester nodded as a smile appeared on his face. "Zen doesn't have a Heavenly Destiny, but his own strength is enough to match a Supreme Lord's. If he were to have a Heavenly Destiny, imagine how strong he'd be."

This caught several of the Supreme Lords' attention.

Since the last time the Humanity Alliance confronted the Sacred race and lost three Supreme Lords, the human race had been at a disadvantage.

World lords weren't of much help to humans in resisting the Sacred race. The number of Supreme Lords the human race had was far less than that of the Sacred race. There were 128 Supreme Lords altogether in the Evolutionary Universe, and human race had around 50 but the only promising ones they had were Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment, Supreme Lord of Oracle, and Supreme Lord of Original Sin, which were all top-rank human Supreme Lords.

But, the number of Heavenly Destinies in the Murphy Universe was far greater than the number in the Evolutionary Universe. Furthermore, all of the Supreme Lords in the Murphy Universe belonged to the Sacred race which meant that they still had an overwhelming advantage over the human race.

The only human beings that could possibly match up to the Sacred race were the four Supreme Lords.

If Zen carried a Heavenly Destiny and became a Supreme Lord, he would be a great help to the human race.

"No way!"

Master Feng immediately rejected.

Supreme Lord Lester's face turned serious. "Why?"

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