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   Chapter 1969 Evolution Lotus Flower

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Master Feng did not reply. The golden glow between his eyebrows shone brighter and brighter, like a shining star.

Master Feng was about to use his Heavenly Destiny. When the Supreme Lords saw this, they thought it was ridiculous. However, they knew it was useless to try to persuade him otherwise. They had no choice but to stand by and do as he pleased...


Supreme Lord Sky appeared behind Zen in a flash. He smiled at Letitia and Freya, and commanded, "Please leave us for the time being..."

As he uttered those words, a triangular enchanted barrier appeared in his hands, imprisoning Letitia and Freya within it in an instant.

Letitia looked at the aura emitting from Master Feng's body and asked worriedly, "Will my husband be fine?"

"Don't worry. Master Feng definitely knows how to deal with him," Supreme Lord Sky said with a smile.

In fact, even Supreme Lord Sky wasn't so sure. It was originally just a simple test, but he didn't expect it to turn out quite like this. Master Feng had to resort to using his trump card!

After Supreme Lord Sky replied, he stretched out his hand and gently tapped on the enchanted barrier. The barrier spun and began to slowly rise towards the sky.

The two women were trapped inside the enchanted barrier and watched as they floated further and further away from Zen. In the end, they glided to the top of the Breaking Cloud Mountain. At this distance, they could only see a small grey dot...

"Does he really need to send us this far?" Letitia asked with a frown.

The reason the Supreme Lord sent them so far away was because he was afraid that they would be affected by the shock waves.

What was Master Feng planning to do after he required them to be so far away in order to be safe? Was he going to kill Zen?

It would be impossible to do that. Besides, so many Supreme Lords were present. If he wanted to kill Zen, there was no need to worry about Letitia's and Freya's safety. There would be no problem if he killed them all together...

Besides Letitia and Freya, the other Supreme Lords also moved away from Zen and Master Feng for the time being, leaving the two of them alone in the hall.

"If you are unable to fight me, I will naturally stop!" After issuing this warning, Master Feng's body suddenly shook as an even more violent aura was abruptly unleashed from within!

And then, a Lotus Flower suddenly appeared in the sky.

All thirty-six petals of the Lotus Flower were open as they slowly rotated while descending.

"This Lotus Flower has thirty-six petals. It's..." Zen's face had a look of amazement.

Normally, a Lotus Flower appeared when a martial artist was undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation.

At this moment, no one had broken through and reached the new cultivation base. There was no warrior passing through the Heavenly Tribulation either.

So how come a Lotus Flower appeared suddenly?

"The Godly Way my master cultivates is the Evolution Godly Way, and he has already comprehended the supreme secr

ngth that they possessed made the other forces deeply fearful of them.

Master Feng naturally did not want to fight with Zen right now. He was being so persistent only because he wanted to see the limits of Zen's strength!

After the Godly Geniuses returned, the Celestial Position race would certainly make new arrangements regarding their positions. Each Godly Genius bore great responsibility and would even take part in the "God Slaughtering Plan". Thus assessment of strength was very important for all of them.

"Hooo, hooo, hooo..."

That Lotus Flower slowly descended towards Zen.

"Zen, the strength that you have displayed is extraordinary. I wonder if you are strong enough to lift this Lotus Flower!" Master Feng smiled.

The Evolution Lotus Flower was a kind of Holy Mike's comprehension of the Godly Way. Just like Holy Jay's Ice Soul Flame, it was the special skill of a Holy Being.

Master Feng's Lotus Flower's power was far inferior to the power displayed by Mike; in fact it was hardly comparable to the latter.

However, in this universe, such formidable strength was the most sought-after thing for a martial artist. If he kept improving, he would break the rules and cross the heavens.

In other words, only a True God would be able to combat Master Feng's Evolution Lotus Flower.

The Lotus Flower continued to hurtle downwards and smashed heavily on Zen's head.

A wary expression appeared on Zen's face. He crossed his arms and shielded himself from the Lotus Flower above him, blocking the bottom part of the flower!


Zen immediately felt the enormous weight of the Lotus Flower.

The load of the Great Weighty Sword was nothing compared to this mass. If the Great Weighty Sword was as heavy as a great world, then this Lotus Flower was as heavy as a hundred great worlds!

There was an irresistible force under this back-breaking pressure...


The stone beneath Zen's feet instantly shattered, and his feet sank deep into the ground.

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