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   Chapter 1968 Unfathomable

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Master Feng's wrinkled face snarled as he attacked with an uppercut move, which Zen barely dodged.

"Ha-ha Zen, come again!" he exclaimed with a toothy smile. He dashed forward again as his hand moved faster and faster, while the streams of mighty strength became increasingly denser.

The powerful strength he displayed had a unique origin. It was known as the Divine Mighty Strength, and it was one of the Transcendent Divine Might of the Celestial Position. It exhibited a fearsome capacity even though he was just casually using it.

Master Feng's beady eyes were serious. The streams of mighty strength were incomparably sharp under the claw of his hand. At that moment, a violent, wind-like ear-splitting sound erupted in the air.

"Hiss, hiss, hiss..."

The long, tendril-like streams of mighty strength slithered like numerous black snakes towards Zen!

"80% of his strength?" Meanwhile, Supreme Lord Sky froze at the sight of the snake-like formation of the mighty strength.

"It's one hundred percent! Master Feng has already gone all out. If Zen really can take it, then that would be too outrageous…" On the other hand, Supreme Lord Mirage shook his head in disbelief. He thought that Master Feng had gone too far!

Everyone clearly knew how strong Master Feng was: he was an existence who was on the same level as Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle, and Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment. Hell, he might be even more powerful than them!

However, what set the Supreme Lords apart were the Heavenly Destinies they carried.

Master Feng currently skipped using his own Heavenly Destiny. Then again, he still possessed an immense strength even with only his own martial art skills. Even if it was an ordinary Supreme Lord who had fought him, they would've had to go all out.

And Zen, who stood opposite of Master Feng, had just become a world lord not too long ago. Would he really be able to take it?

The air tensed as the mighty strength pounced ferociously towards Zen like heavy but stealthy black snakes.

In turn, Zen's gaze flickered as the nine stars in his cinnabar field began to rotate slowly.

In reality, Master Feng's strength was nothing to Zen. In terms of pure strength, he should be on par with Chapman in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land--even if he was a Supreme Lord.

However, Zen still activated the power of the nine stars just to be safe.

When the cluster of small snakes formed from the mighty strength neared Zen, he still stretched out his right hand, his right index finger protruded forward and his thumb raised slightly.

Just when the small snake at the helm charged towards Zen, he shook his hand slightly and precisely caught the small snake's head in his hand. Then, he gave it a light pinch.


The small, formerly swift snake was now broken into pieces!

Right after the snake was gone, Zen's hand transformed into a series of shadows which constantly moved in front of him. Although there were numerous densely-packed snakes, only Zen's touch was needed for them to die in an instant

an ordinary low-rank Supreme Lord. Some of the best grand world lords could even hold him to a draw!

In terms of combat strength, he was on par with a weak Supreme Lord.

However, Supreme Lord Lester was ranked highly among the Supreme Lords. He was ranked just behind four other Supreme Lords: Master Feng, Supreme Lord of Original Sin, Supreme Lord of Oracle, and Supreme Lord of Thunder Punishment.

Such was the case because he carried an extremely powerful Heavenly Destiny!

Supreme Lord Lester could revive any martial artist who was seriously injured, even those who were already dead.

This one Heavenly Destiny of Revival controlled the lives of all living beings. It was also because of Supreme Lord Lester that the Celestial Position had been able to obtain several satisfying Crowns of Destiny.

For example, Master Feng became a top-rank Supreme Lord because Supreme Lord Lester had killed and revived him 13 times. After he had selected a Heavenly Destiny from all of the Heavenly Destinies, he had finally obtained the strongest one among all of them in the entire universe--the supreme Law of Causality!

"Supreme Lord Sky, take the two girls away," Master Feng said. Then, the auras around him began to surge and the entire space was plunged into chaos. It was as if an extremely powerful technique was being brewed--thus, he had Supreme Lord Sky take the two girls behind Zen away, in fear that the auras might affect them.

"Master Feng, are you planning to…" Supreme Lord Mirage's jaw dropped in shock.

The fact that they couldn't test the limits of Zen's power made them rather upset.

However, it was still a good thing because the stronger Zen was, the more he would be able to help in their future plans.

It was just that what Zen had performed could not merely be described strong, but unfathomable. He possessed a power that even Supreme Lords could not describe; it was indeed a bit outrageous.

Nevertheless, Master Feng didn't seem too convinced and was determined to find out the limits of Zen's strength.

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