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   Chapter 1967 Resist With Ease

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When he saw Master Feng's finger, Zen realized that it was a test. So he turned over his palm and blocked lightly, instantly pushing out a vigorous force.

With a faint smile, Master Feng changed his hand's move—he put his index finger and thumb together and with a flick, an intangible force shot out towards Zen's palm.

But Zen didn't evade at all and continued blocking with his palm. But the power within his palm grew stronger and stronger to the point where he made no sign of retreat.

The two sparred with each other with one hand each. In about ten seconds, they had already exchanged at least a hundred moves.

When the several Supreme Lords of the Celestial Position race saw Zen's performance, they all smiled with satisfaction.

It was nothing short of a miracle that a Godly Genius at the Spirit Supreme Realm could advance to such a level after cultivating in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land for only three years.

"Unfortunately, time is still too short. If we give them another hundred years, the Sacred race would flee without a fight," Supreme Lord Mirage of the Celestial Position said with a sigh.

It wasn't that Supreme Mirage was pessimistic. Although Zen's return brought vigor and confidence back into the hearts of all in the universe, to the real insiders, the situation wasn't exactly for the good of all.

The Godly Geniuses had returned, but they were only considered world lords.

Perhaps the Godly Geniuses were far stronger than those of the same level, but at most, they could only contend against a grand world lord and weren't strong enough to face a Supreme Lord.

The Supreme Lords and True Gods of the two universes were those who truly decided the fight's victory or defeat.

As the Godly Geniuses had just broken through and become world lords, it would still take them much effort to condense Godly Tiles and become True Gods.

In the end, the Godly Geniuses' return didn't change the situation.

And Zen's 'war declaration' was likely to enrage the Sacred race. By the looks of things, an all-out war was nearing reality.

By merely launching strikes with his hand, Master Feng had tested Zen's strength and skills. Since he only used about ten percent of his strength against Zen, the latter's cultivation base was enough for him to successfully resist Master Feng's attacks. He could be considered truly excellent.

But the several Supreme Lords present had no clue that Zen made use of a mere fraction of h

wards two women standing not far behind Zen, but with a wave of his hand, Supreme Lord Mirage obliterated the forceful strength.

After Zen retreated a few steps, his eyes grew serious.

At this moment, the Eight Path Platforms in his body began slowly vibrating. They began to emanate rays of seven-colored light, which just so happened to be the color of the strength source.

"Pah, pah, pah..."

Now, Zen's right hand was like a bolt of lightning as it suddenly grasped Master Feng's forceful strength. Every time he made a move, he could accurately chatter the forceful strength, producing a crackling sound, loud and clear.

The sound was so loud that it echoed constantly throughout the Breaking Cloud Mountain.

Even Freya and Letitia couldn't bear the sound, and all they could do was to cover their ears with their hands.

"He broke the forceful strength with just a single hand..." Not far away, Supreme Lord Sky was muttering to himself.

"This guy... resists the force with ease!" Supreme Lord Mirage's eyes were wide with disbelief—he couldn't find any words to aptly describe the scene.

Now, Master Feng had used fifty percent of his strength, adding even forceful strength. If Zen could withstand it, he would exceed any Supreme Lord's expectations. He was, indeed, quite outstanding.

But it was clear that Zen hadn't yet used his full strength—the fact had all the Supreme Lords and Master Feng embarrassed, to say the least.

It was impossible for Master Feng to use his full strength against a junior, after all. If he did so, the sparring could no longer be considered a test, but instead, an all-out competition.

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