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   Chapter 1966 Test Zen's Strength

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After Zen practiced this set of swordsmanship, he sheathed the Great Weighty Sword in his hand.

Although Livingston's mind was indeed a bit muddled, one couldn't challenge his talent in the field of weapon refining. When the Infinity Stone was not enough to make a sword hilt, it was he who came up with an ingenious way for storing Zen's sword.

Zen didn't want to take Livingston's advice to smash the sword on his opponent, but he liked the Great Weighty Sword very much.

This sword didn't seem to be flexible at all.

But it was very compatible with Zen's swordsmanship.

In any case, the Emotion Closing Godly Way stressed on killing with a single blow; it did not call for any sophisticated swordsmanship. So it was not a flexible sword technique to begin with!

Thanks to the Great Weighty Sword, he could multiply the power of his strike.

"This Great Weighty Sword is not bad. It's great for me to use!" Zen smiled faintly.

The scene that Zen swiped the heavy sword with ease left Livingston dumbstruck. Now that he heard Zen's praise, he was very excited. "I haven't had a rest in years; I have been making some other treasures too!"

Livingston was like a child who wanted to show off all the nice things he had to his parent. He took out all the things he had meticulously crafted over the years in one go.

If he said he didn't have a moment to rest, then it must be true!

Although Livingston's body was ugly, it had one advantage. As long as there were enough life vitality crystals, it could operate nonstop. He did not need any time to rest. He was constantly researching and trying to understand the characteristics of the materials in the weapon refining workshop, and he kept inventing and innovating treasures based on these materials. If he didn't understand some material, he would go to the library to learn everything about it.

The only problem was that Livingston was completely self-centered and a workaholic. In the past few years, he didn't even pay attention to the new group of people. He was totally immersed in his own world.

"This is the Alms Bowl of Acalanatha. A first-rank divine weapon.

This is the Will of Harmony. Even though it is just an ornament, it can nourish a pill with its energy.

This is the Cloud Flute..." He showed off all his inventions with great pride and aplomb.

Almost all of the magical trinkets refined by Livingston were defensive treasures.

Zen's current body was tough enough, and he even had the Redemption Armor made by Holy Drew. Holy Drew had used the source of Godly Tile to make the Redemption Armor. The items made by Livingston, although impressive, were not of much use to Zen now.

Zen couldn't deny their value even if he did not have a need for them.

Livingston's skill combined with these rare materials from the divine land in the refining workshop, created treasures that could easily fuel a war in the universe.

"Take all of them!" Livingston chuckled.

He didn't need these treasures for himself. His interest lay in the refining process and not the end products. Moreover,

brought into a hall at the back of the mountain. Master Feng and the Supreme Lords of the Celestial Position race were gathered in this hall.

After Zen entered the hall, he saluted them. "Master Feng, you must have been waiting for a long time."

Master Feng sized up Zen as a look of gratification appeared on his elderly face. "You're the first Godly Genius to return," he said with a smile.

Three years ago, what they let fly was a promise and a hope for future, and now was the time to make good on their hopes. This matter concerned the Celestial Position race, the Evolutionary Universe, and the fate of Holy Mike.

"What about the others?" Zen asked. It was only then that he realized that except him, no one else had been able to make it.

"I have already calculated where they are. They are all safe," replied Master Feng.

Every single Godly Genius was an immeasurably valuable asset to the Evolutionary Universe, and the Celestial Position race placed all of its hopes on the Godly Geniuses. Naturally, they wouldn't allow any Godly Genius to be killed.

The moment Master Feng learned that the Godly Geniuses had returned, he began to calculate where and when the Godly Geniuses would descend into the universe.

Rocher had fallen into the territory of the ogres, and Kurt was the luckiest one, directly returning to the Blessed Buddha Land.

On the other hand, Lawson, Lone, Xenia, and Karl had fallen into the supreme worlds of small races. Their situation was relatively safe, and Master Feng only needed to send some people to bring them back.

The only trouble was with Lucille and Nathan. The two of them had fallen into the Fiery Rock World occupied by the Sacred race.

Master Feng explained the situation of the other Godly Geniuses to Zen, and then he smiled, "Zen, you've been training in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land for three years, and you're already a world lord now. I wonder how strong you are."

As he was speaking, he suddenly extended a finger and pointed it at Zen without elaborating any further.

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