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   Chapter 1965 The Great Weighty Sword

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Ever since Zen sent Livingston to the weapon refining workshop, the latter had been immersed in perfecting the sword embryo. He'd spent day and night working on it, making sure it was in excellent condition and ready for battle.

Though the sword embryo was unfinished, its weight was unbelievably heavy. This made it unfeasible for anyone to use it.

To put it into perspective, the four-inch sword weighed as much as an entire great world.

Even a Supreme Lord would struggle to lift a sword that was forged from the Star Essence Iron. It was simply impossible to use it freely.

However, Saul gave him a solution. He suggested Livingston should use the mystical Infinity Stone to forge a sword hilt and inlay the blade of the long sword into the sword hilt.

The Infinity Stone was very special because it had the power to change the weight of other things. When Livingston first entered the workshop, Saul gave him a pair of pincers made from the Infinity Stone, so it made it possible to lift the sword embryo.

"In the refining workshop, other than this pair of pincers, there is only a small piece of Infinity Stone. I don't have enough material to forge a complete sword hilt," Livingston said, with a hint of sadness.

Though professionals were usually perfectionists in their fields, what was admirable about Livingston was that he could admit to his flaws. The lack of Infinity Stone discouraged him, and he knew it wasn't enough to finish the sword hilt.

In the end, the only thing he could do was to give up.

"After I mixed the Infinity Stone with other materials, I successfully forged this sword hilt," Livingston said in a regretful tone. "It's a pity. It can only reduce the weight of the sword by half."

"Reduce its weight by half?" Zen smiled as he spoke, already with a plan in mind. His strength had greatly increased, but for some reason, he couldn't obtain a suitable weapon. He took a look at the sword and knew he'd need it.

Livingston nodded, and then used the pincers to take out the sword from the furnace, presenting it to Zen.

Just as Livingston described, there was an exquisite cyan sword hilt at the end of the blade. Livingston had spent several years to forge that sword hilt, but he wasn't very proud of it.

Who in the world could carry the weight of this sword in battle? It became useless.

"Alas, the amount of Infinity Stone is too small! I'm afraid you won't be able to even use it," Livingston sighed. "I wanted to melt the pincers and us

heavy as half of a great world.

"The weight of that is comparable to half of a great world... Half a great world!" How can you..." The words finally came out of Livingston's mouth.

Everyone was in shock the moment they heard Livingston.

Everyone knew that the weight of the sword was not to be joked about. Otherwise, no one would have been so interested in the first place. The fact that it was impossible to use made it so intriguing. They didn't think Zen would have been able to pull it out.

"Is this sword really as heavy as half of a great world?" Letitia's beautiful eyes grew wider as she was surprised.

"Mother, Livingston said that the hilt of the sword could reduce the weight by half, but the sword itself is as heavy as an entire great world," Geoffrey said in a serious tone. "Surely it can crush people to their deaths!"

However, no one worried about that at the moment. People were still mesmerized by Zen's ability to lift the sword, easily and swiftly.

Zen wielded the Great Weighty Sword and lifted it as if it were light. Would this mean he could easily lift a great world, too?

Gripping the sword, Zen suddenly took a step forward and thrust the sword out into the air. This sword did not have any additional effect, but the Star Essence Iron itself had an extreme weight, enough to slightly distort the surrounding space.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The sword moved gracefully in the air with Zen's swift movements. Although he wielded the sword without difficulty, the onlookers' eyes were filled with fear. What Zen held in his hand was the weight of a great world.

Zen possessed strength no one could wrap their heads around.

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