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   Chapter 1964 A Heavy Sword

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Although Geoffrey was only eleven years old, he had wonderful handwriting—much like the style of a famous calligrapher.

Zen just stood silently beside Geoffrey and watched him write. The longer he watched, the more amazed he felt.

It was only one word of golden Sanskrit, but he had written over a thousand words to explain it.

Just like Holy Jay had said, these top extraordinary creatures were advanced beings. Their ways of existence and communication were difficult to understand!

At this stage, the entire divine land was still trying to comprehend these extraordinary creatures. Furthermore, they had only obtained a portion of this race's language. There was no other way to explain it: Understanding them was hardship.

When Geoffrey had written out the last word, he looked up and smiled at Zen.

Immortal Book eagerly reached out his hand to snatch the piece of manuscript, but Geoffrey slightly moved his hand and passed it to Zen.

Immortal Book could do nothing but glare at Geoffrey. He couldn't do anything about Geoffrey, let alone to Zen, who was his owner.

Zen grabbed his son's manuscript and began to read it word by word, the curiosity no longer just an expression, but an action.

"The golden Sanskrit word seems to be used to describe a certain place's scenery. It seems to be a lake, doesn't it?" Zen asked.

Geoffrey nodded and answered, "Probably. Besides, this lake would be outside of the divine land."

"You know about the divine land?" Zen could barely believe what he was hearing, especially from his son's mouth.

Geoffrey rolled his eyes, giving him the look of a real old soul, as if it was only normal for him to know about the divine land.

Immortal Book next to him chuckled anew and said, "This little guy has been very diligent these past years. He has read through many ancient books in the library. He may know even more than you, Zen."

Zen couldn't help but feel quite ashamed.

Even though he had opened the library, he hadn't spent much time reading. Generally speaking, he acted like a utilitarian. He only took the cultivation methods that he needed from the library.

Needless to say, Zen wasn't to blame because he had always been troubled by many crises, leaving him little time to spend on reading. Even right now, Zen still had a heavy burden on him.

Geoffrey was intelligent, and he should have also inherited Zen's talent. Although he had no intention for training in martial arts, he would naturally be capable of achieving good results if he put his talent forth on something else.

Zen quickly skimmed through the thousand words and grasped a general idea of what it said.

The owner of this fairy palace, Zen's master, Bromley, was still traveling in the endless chaos.

In the Chaotic Storm Chronicle, there

strange! Zen, where in the world did you receive such tempering?!"

It had only been a few years since Zen had left the fairy palace. Livingston could clearly see the traces of time engraved on Zen's body.

Hearing this, Zen smiled slightly but omitted to reply right away.

Strictly speaking, Zen was over eighty thousand years old now, but his bones couldn't accurately reflect his true age.

Because Zen held his silence, Livingston too stopped asking. He chuckled and said, "Since you've returned, I'll show you the results. Follow me, quickly!"

Once Livingston had finished speaking, he grabbed Zen and began dragging him at running speed toward the weapon refining workshop.

At the sight of his father being dragged away by Livingston, Geoffrey couldn't help but immediately follow them.

Geoffrey was at the age where curiosity usually got the best of him. He was curious about everything. He was interested in every part of the fairy palace, and the weapon refining workshop was no exception. This iron monster though, was too bizarre; his mother never allowed him to go near the weapon refining workshop anyway.

Now that he had his father leading the way, Geoffrey naturally felt like he had nothing to fear.

When he arrived at the weapon refining workshop, Livingston suddenly struck the enormous weapon refining furnace.


With a crisp sound, the furnace's mouth clanged open. Within the furnace, there was a long, thin and sharp treasure sword, shining with a dazzling shimmer.

"Is this the sword embryo?" Zen asked.

Livingston's face revealed a proud look and he replied, laughingly, "This heavy sword, made from Star Essence Iron, is basically formed. It's just that there's a little problem with the sword hilt."

The little problem Livingston spoke of was actually an extremely fatal one. This sword was too heavy.

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