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   Chapter 1963 Geoffrey's Talent

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Maha's eyes narrowed as he stared at the fairy palace in front of him. He stood motionless for a long time and then, in a very cold tone he said, "I'll let my father take action."

The Sacred race was a centralized society, and this was the only force in the Murphy Universe.

The status of Supreme Lords wasn't equal. Rather, they were arranged like a pyramid. Maha's father was the strongest Supreme Lord in the Sacred race.

In his mind, he was certain that there was something he could do about a mere space treasure.

Just as he finished speaking though, a ripple of Space Law descended upon the fairy palace, causing it to fall downward.

In the blink of an eye, the fairy palace had completely disappeared.

Once again, Maha and his group found them stunned out of amazement. They looked at each other in dismay.

One after the other, they began attempting all sorts of different techniques in order to search for the fairy palace.

Despite their greatest efforts, there was simply no sign of the fairy palace. It was clear that it didn't matter how hard they tried.

Maha had to come to terms with what was happening. His enraged roar rang out from the hillside, booming the Ultimate Immortal City.

In the fairy palace, Zen held a Teleportation Token in his hand, and presented a faint smile on his face.

The token of mountain and the Teleportation Token, combined together, allowed him to bring the fairy palace anywhere in the universe.

That was when Zen brought the fairy palace into the space created by the Teleportation Token. In this space, he had the will to choose any supreme world to descend upon.

Behind him, on the square in the fairy palace, stood a group of people. Their eager gazes were all turned in his direction.

The last time Zen had returned to the great world, he had installed all his relatives from the Cloud Hall in the fairy palace.

The universe was filled with a multitude of dangers. The fairy palace was most likely the safest place in the universe.

More so, the fairy palace was completely under Zen's control. It could be said that even if the universe collapsed, the fairy palace would still remain intact. As long as he didn't connect the fairy palace's projection to this place, no one else would even be able to find it.

Amongst the crowd, Letitia's beautiful eyes were fixed on Zen.

Over the past decade, she seldom had the chance to meet Zen. Every time they crossed paths, they'd have to part again soon. However, she never complained because she knew her husband carried the a great destiny. Since she couldn't help her husband, she could only quietly wait in the fairy palace, but there was no one who could listen to the pain in her heart.


Letitia tiptoed lightly and rushed to Zen's side in a flash. Her ice-cold hand touched Zen's face, and her eyes were filled with love and boundless tenderness.

Watching the scene, Imogen and the others felt gratified. At least Zen had returned safely.

After returning to the fairy palace, Zen wasn't in a rush to join the Celestial Position race. Instead, he decided to stay there temporarily.

After embraci

became deeply engrossed.

Every day, after a short period of cultivation, he spent the rest of his time in the library, constantly reading Holy Bromley's books and also trying to study the golden Sanskrit words, as if they had a unique magical attraction on him.

Despite the benefits of the library for Geoffrey, Letitia had her doubts and remained worried. Imogen had even stopped Geoffrey from going there for a while.

Immortal Book, on the other hand, was convinced of Geoffrey's extraordinary talent in this area, and he persuaded Letitia and Imogen by telling them the golden Sanskrit words' importance. If Geoffrey was successful in this area, his achievements would be far greater than Zen's.

In Letitia's eyes, her husband was an existence that could never be surpassed, but Immortal Book had said that Geoffrey just might.

If she could really nurture Geoffrey into a talent like her husband, then of course, she'd be willing to do so.

And over the years, aside from trying to understand Bromley's speculations, Geoffrey also attempted to decipher the golden Sanskrit words - at which, he was truly successful.

This was something that Immortal Book had never thought completely possible.

"You mean... Geoffrey can decipher the golden Sanskrit words?" Zen's eyes widened as he looked at Geoffrey, standing not very far off, with an expression of disbelief.

Geoffrey couldn't help but smile shyly upon seeing his father's shocked expression.

Letitia and Immortal Book were also pleased to see Zen's surprise.

Zen was exceptionally outstanding in all aspects, but Geoffrey's ability to decipher the golden Sanskrit words far surpassed Zen's. Therefore, Letitia felt proud. Proud and accomplished.

"Quick, show me the Sanskrit words you've deciphered!" Zen said excitedly. He began to feel a little anxious, as he was well aware of what this meant.

Geoffrey's expression was very calm. After taking out a writing brush and paper, he began to write down the contents that he had deciphered. It hadn't taken him very long at all to get through over a thousand words.

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