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   Chapter 1962 Return To The Fairy Palace

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Originally, Maha had planned on using the Great Dominance Technique in order to force Zen into submitting to him.

What he hadn't taken into consideration was the possibility that he would be reproved and taught a lesson by Zen. Furthermore, Zen's words had even aroused the populations' common hatred in the Evolutionary Universe!

Maha's face grew long as he listened the roars coming from the universe.

Maha led the Sacred martial artists to slaughter humans through the entire process, completely suppressing the human morale. Following such, the Demon Night's rebellion had been a fatal blow to the human race. Although the ogre race had interfered at that point in time, the three human forces still suffered from low morale.

Now though, thanks to Zen's horrendous words, Maha's previous efforts seemed to have been in vain.

"Don't let him utter another word," Maha coldly ordered. This time, he didn't want the responsibility of having to stop Zen on his own.

Although he had failed to subdue Zen with the Great Dominance Technique, there was no reason to say he couldn't eventually control him. In fact, there were several different methods for enslaving a martial artist.

For all Maha cared, it didn't matter how eloquent Zen was, and there was no way he would escape his grasp. The two Sacred Supreme Lords behind Maha had long since had this same intention, and secretly criticized Maha in their minds. Both of them believed that Maha shouldn't engage in so much conversation with Zen.

In a certain way, they were right, too. Now, Maha couldn't seem to get the upper hand on this argument. Even worse, Zen had managed to retort with ease and just like that, Maha found himself at a disadvantage. In the eyes of the two Sacred Supreme Lords, it was better for Maha to catch Zen directly and enslave him at once. By then, Zen would no longer be anywhere capable of resisting.

And because Zen was trapped in the Seven Ultimate World, he could be compared to a piece of meat on the chopping block. It would be easy for them to catch and kill him.

As Maha gave the order, Supreme Lord Noel of the Sacred race reached out his hand in a first attempt to grab Zen.

His arm was like a long fish as it instantly pierced through space, appearing beside Zen and clawing at his head!

Zen was actually extremely vigilant, though. Before Maha had even given the order, he had already activated the Grand Teleportation technique.

With the release of a blazing white stream from the power of space, Zen was capable of escaping hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye, avoiding Supreme Lord Noel's grasp.

"Do you really think you can escape?" Supreme Lord Noel uttered calmly.

It was too late. He had already left an imprint on Zen's body. No matter where Zen moved from now on, Supreme Lord Noel would be able to detect him in an instant.

Through his eyes, Zen looked like a little sheep running on the plains. No matter how fast he tried to move, he couldn't escape the falcons' pursuit. Supreme Lord Noel thought he could let Zen run away as fast as possible, let him waste his energy first, and then catch him after he fell into despair.

Maha, Connie, and Supreme Lord Barrie also thought the same. Thus, while the three of them watched Zen escape, they equally looked calm, their faces expressionless.

Just as Supreme Lord Noel was about to use his spatial transfe

Lords in the Evolutionary Universe...

"Is it fun?" Zen's voice roared throughout the universe and transmitted, reaching and booming into Maha's and the others' ears. "If you want to capture me, you'll first have to see if you have the qualifications to break through this space treasure!"

Upon hearing Zen's words, many of the Supreme Lords in the Evolutionary Universe couldn't help but break out in laughter!

It was clear to them that Zen had entered that fairy palace again.

From the start, they hadn't worried about Zen's safety whatsoever.

Together, they had personally witnessed the toughness of this fairy palace. In the past, many Supreme Lords had given everything they could against it, but they simply couldn't destroy it. In the end, a few of them had been killed by the Desperate Melee...

"You brat, you..."

Maha felt like he was going crazy.

Where did Zen find such a magical space treasure?

"Supreme Lord Barrie, go forth and destroy this space treasure!" Maha ordered.

"At once!"

Supreme Lord Barrie specialized in studying all kinds of poisons, and the Heavenly Destiny he carried was the Life Law!

In terms of killing technique, Supreme Lord Barrie was extremely proficient in it. However, the destructive power he created was inferior to Supreme Lord Noel's. Now though, since Maha had already asked him to make a move, he would still give it a try.

He quickly stretched out his hands, causing his arms to turn black with traces of phosphorescence.

This phosphorescence was a poison that boosted his strength, capable of turning his hands into a pair of all-conquering toxic weapon in a short amount of time!

The venomous hands grabbed the fairy palace, and suddenly began emitting a wild, savage power as they kneaded and pulsed at the fairy palace.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

A crushing sound could be heard. His greatest desire at that moment was to forcibly break open the fairy palace with his two hands!

However, the fairy palace didn't give. Not even an inch. It continued spinning, at its own casual speed, in front of them.

"This..." A look of bleak awkwardness appeared on Supreme Lord Barrie's face. He was also beginning to understand and sympathize with Supreme Lord Noel's predicament.

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