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   Chapter 1961 The Scattered Godly Geniuses

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Within the Fiery Rock World, huge chunks of rocks glowed red from the intense heat.

Two figures rapidly moved through the embers. The moment their tiptoes touched the rocks, they shot forward with exceptional agility. In a blink of an eye, they traveled over ten miles.

Behind these two figures was a grand world lord of the Sacred race that chased after them!

Those two people were Lucille and Nathan!

Holy Jay had indeed sent the Godly Geniuses back to the Evolutionary Universe, however, the Grand Space Spell made it so that the nine of them were scattered all over the universe.

Lucille and Nathan fell into the Fiery Rock World together.

Unfortunately, this world belonged to the Humanity Alliance and was located in the depths of many supreme worlds controlled by the Sacred race.

Their arrival quickly alarmed the Sacred race which in turn led to them getting chased all over the place by a grand world lord.

This hot pursuit, both literally and figuratively, lasted three days and three nights.

"You won't be able to escape," the grand world lord said, his voice echoing in the sky.

Both Lucille and Nathan had used Grand Teleportation multiple times but were still unable to shake off the grand world lord that chased after them.

The two of them had just recently become world lords and their level wasn't stable yet. It would be extremely difficult for them to defeat their pursuer even if they joined forces.

The grand world lord suddenly flew higher. There was a cold smile on his face as he looked down at the two young warriors.

These two were nothing more than tiny mice scurrying about in his territory.

"Sky Crush!"

He waved his hand and formed a mysterious seal.

Black rays of light appeared in the sky and continuously spread to form a shape. It seem as if a corner of the horizon had been cut off to be shaped into a dark, formidable hand, which came crushing down.

Nathan's eyes flashed as he looked up at what was happening. "Grand Teleportation!"

Lucille nodded before a bright flash appeared underneath their feet and made them disappear.

Their pursuer sneered. He too employed Grand Teleportation and quickly followed after them.

This grand world lord's cultivation was much more stable than that of the young warriors so he could travel a distance ten times longer than they could. Before teleporting, he also managed to spread his perception within a thousand-mile range and pinpointed their location.

Whoosh… Whoosh…

They were on top of a blazing mountain about a hundred miles away!

As soon as they landed, the grand world lord also appeared just a couple of feet away. Obviously, they failed to distance themselves from their pursuer, and worse, the Sacred grand world lord was now closer to them.


This flaming mountain range was a field of fire all-year-round. The rocks were cracked and spewed out streaks of scorching flames.

Nathan held his spear while Lucille's hands glowed from the five elements. It seemed that escape was no longer an option.

"You can't escape so you want to fight it out?" The Sacred grand world lord laughed. Finally, their game of cat-and-mouse had come to an end and he could finally kill these two, pathetic rats. He had already killed 12 human world lords after he entered the Evolut

se beast spirits were incredibly ferocious, however, all Nathan could see were lines and dots.

"They could not withstand even a single blow. So lame!"

In Nathan's eyes, he could see all those beast spirits had weak points all over their bodies.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

The Truth Godly Way was extremely powerful, to begin with. Even a Supreme Lord would have no chance of surviving Nathan's spear, much less these beast spirits.

Nathan thrust his spear into the air, shattering all the beast spirits.

In the blink of an eye, it reached the grand world lord's neck.

"Even if you kill me, you won't be able to leave this place! This is the core supreme world of our Sacred race!" he spat bitterly.

Nathan smiled. "You don't have to worry about that!"

The spear was gentle and left only a small bloody hole in the grand world lord's neck. A long, slender crack formed from that hole until his entire body was split apart like porcelain.

Nathan lightly shook his spear to get rid of the blood. "We need to find a place to hide."

"I wonder when they will come and save us," Lucille murmured with worry. The grand world lord was right, it would be incredibly difficult for them to leave this place.

"Don't worry. Zen has already revealed himself. My father will definitely figure out where we are through calculation and bring us back," Nathan said with confidence.

The Sacred race was unable to calculate anything within the Evolutionary Universe because they were unable to communicate with the heavens.

There was no way the heavens of the Evolutionary Universe would help these invaders.

Now that Zen had caused such a commotion, everyone now knew that the Godly Geniuses had returned. Both the human race and Sacred race would try their best to find them, however, this was going to be a challenging task for the Sacred race. The Evolutionary Universe was too big and locating one Godly Genius would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

However, it would be really easy for the Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe to find them through calculation.

The only trouble was, would any Supreme Lord dare enter the Fiery Rock World to come to their rescue?

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