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   Chapter 1960 A War Declaration

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Ever since the Sacred race invaded the universe, they had been much like a hot knife slicing through butter.

Not only did the race continue displaying their own invincible strength, it also promoted the Sacred race's noble bloodline.

Every time Maha killed a world lord, he used a Roaring Token to give the announcement of his victim to the entire universe. Constantly, he would spread the news that the Sacred race had inherited the most perfect race within the divine land—all races were inferior to them.

They were indeed strong enough to do so. With this sort of propaganda, many martial artists were under the illusion that the high and mighty Sacred race was invincible. Compared to their perfect race, the human race was lowly.

In this situation, many human martial artists were struck with fear before the Sacred race. This feeling spread in the hearts of the human warriors, crushing their morale.

Zen's current methods were rather simple. The Sacred race of the Murphy Universe wasn't from the real Sacred race, but even if these people were truly inherited from the perfect race of the divine land, he would still make up stories to belittle them.

Because first of all, he had to lower the enemy's morale—only then would he be able to save the humans' morale.

Now that the Roaring Token had been activated, his voice spread throughout the entire universe. Countless creatures began listening attentively.

Originally, there weren't many rules in a battle between two races.

Zen, who was the strongest Godly Genius of the human race, was quarreling with his counterpart in the Sacred race, Maha. There was no need for any sort of rules. So he slandered the Sacred race, turning white into black and then white…The lies went on. And Zen showed no hesitation in using such tricks.

His opponent, Maha, was undoubtedly arrogant and ruthless, his style vicious and his actions decisive. But as a Godly Genius, he was used to fighting and killing his enemies. How could he argue like this? Maha had little experience in quibbling. When faced with such a situation, he was momentarily at a loss and had no clue how to respond properly.

"You…you…you… Nonsense!" Such was Maha's only retort.

Unfortunately, his counterattack was weak as he stammered, lacking his usual confidence in battle.

Hearing Maha's voice, many of the warriors of the Sacred race in the Evolutionary Universe couldn't help but shake their heads. Maha had extraordinary talent and formidable strength, but his quarreling skills were all too lacking.

His retort was merely a flick. Not only did it lack any strength, it made clear his flaws.

And how could Zen let go of such flaws?

"I know you're feeling guilty. The trouble with the Murphy Universe has yet to be solved. Your false Sacred race is in danger of being eliminated as well. The Celestial Ghost race ha

two world lords of the Sacred race.

These men were also heavily injured. They floated in the air, gasping for breath as they kept vigilant in the face of the human girl before them.

Zen and Maha's argument spreading by the Roaring Tokens suspended the battle between the two sides.

The young girl's gaze never landed on the world lords—at this moment, her eyes were on the sky.

Her only remaining eye flickered.

The moment she heard Zen's voice, the trace of sadness in her eye disappeared and was replaced with joy and gratification.

"Did you hear that?" The large eye on the girl's face suddenly curved into a crescent moon as she smiled at the world lords.

They were stunned. Being fooled by Zen in such a manner was a huge blow to their ego.

"What nonsense!"

"Kill this woman!"

The two world lords were growing more irritated and frustrated.

The woman's methods were all too terrifying—she had completely annihilated an army of the Sacred race right before their eyes.

More hateful was that she had come and gone without a trace. She even managed to escape unscathed as she was chased down by a Supreme Lord of the Sacred race.

"You should have listened." The woman's voice was clear, but it was laced with ice-cold killing intent, void of any emotion.

Watching the world lords rush over, she stepped on her wooden clogs and leaped backward, maintaining a posture of free landing.

Her severely injured right cheek began recovering rapidly—the wounds in her face shifted and her eyeball was restored to its natural position. In an instant, her beauty was restored.

Nine varying streaks of light burst from behind her, forming ribbons that resembled phoenix feathers as they flew towards the two world lords.

"Listen carefully—Zen is humankind's greatest pride!"

And these were the last words the world lords heard from the girl before they fell to their deaths.

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