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   Chapter 1959 A Heavy Blow (Part Two)

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Zen's aura rose to the sky. He didn't cultivate the Great Dominance Technique, but the power of his soul that erupted then was no less than Maha's. The two auras clashed, even though the two were still far apart.

"Maha, you are from the fake Sacred race. You don't have a noble bloodline. How dare you make me surrender to you? Ha-ha! That's ridiculous. Maha, who do you think you are?"

As he spoke, Zen also activated his Roaring Token. As a result, the whole universe heard his insults towards Maha.

After she was exposed to Zen's aura, Connie in Maha's arms suddenly felt tightness in her chest and shortness of breath. Her mind grew disoriented while her face turned pale. The expression on her face showed how badly she was affected by Zen's aura.

'I can't believe this! His soul is no weaker than Maha's. How's that possible? What is he?!' she thought.

At this moment, even Maha and the two Supreme Lords of the Sacred race behind him found it hard to believe. Their eyes gawked with surprise and wariness against Zen.

"Gold Fighting Soul! Emperor Soul Imprint! You..." Maha was at a loss for words. The expression on his face had grown even bitter.


Zen laughed out loud. Under the influence of the Emperor Soul Imprint, his heart was also filled with great heroism, which was completely different from his usual introverted temperament. In a big and brave voice, he said, "There are 130 people who have obtained the complete Emperor Soul Imprint in the Divine Soul Ancestral Land of the Soul Seal race! You, Maha, the number one Godly Genius in the Sacred race, is only ranked 80th among the 130 people. You didn't even achieve the average rank! But I, Zen, is ranked the first. Do you know your Sacred race is a fake one? You are nothing but a fraud. Even if you were from the real Sacred race, you woul

, while Maha had two Supreme Lords behind him. Maha himself was also a mighty warrior and more than a match for Zen. A strategic retreat for Zen at that situation would not be shameful for him.

Before he left, Zen wanted to shake the morale of Maha and the Sacred race.

"You want proof? Okay? You are ranked the 80th. The guy who is ranked 79th is named Faust Lu. The guy who is ranked 81st is called Lacy Zuo. Do you still remember them? Your power is only around the level of those two. I'm ranked first and most powerful. Rocher is ranked 3rd while Nathan is 15th. When the three of us entered the list, your ranking immediately dropped to 83rd. What a pity! A weakling like you might fall out of the list soon," Zen said with a laugh. Mockery was explicit in his tone.

Actually, there were only a few creatures who could obtain the Emperor Soul Imprint in the Divine Soul Ancestral Land. After all these years, only a hundred or so creatures had successfully done so. It was hard to make Maha fall out of the list. His cultivation was still powerful enough to call him a worthy warrior.

However, Zen's goal was to shake the morale of Maha and the Sacred race. He exaggerated his claims to make them depressed.

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