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   Chapter 1958 A Heavy Blow (Part One)

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In the divine land, the Great Dominance Technique was a Godly Way that focused on the cultivation of one's soul.

It strengthened one's soul and improved the intimidation from their aura.

However, there was a prerequisite for the cultivation of the Great Dominance Technique—one's soul should reach the realm of Gold Fighting Soul. At the same time, one should also master the Emperor Soul Imprint.

Holy Jay didn't guide Zen in the mastery of Godly Way.

Zen needed to comprehend the Godly Way and condense the Godly Tile by himself. Only by doing so could the Godly Way be the most suitable for him.

Both Holy Jay and Holy Drew thought that Zen's Emotion Closing Godly Way was not the best choice. However, what was most crucial was that Zen should make the decision himself, and they should not interfere!

Additionally, Zen had obtained the Emperor Soul Imprint. He already had the precondition to cultivate the Great Dominance Technique. All that was left was for him to take a step forward.

Maha had also obtained his Emperor Soul Imprint in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Maha seemed to have a good comprehension of the Great Dominance Technique. The aura he released was mighty and hard to resist. Even the grand world lords found it hard to confront Maha. The aura from him was powerful enough that it could also affect the state of minds of Supreme Lords.

Although every Supreme Lord had the Gold Fighting Soul, they didn't possess the Emperor Soul Imprint. As a result, they found it hard to resist Maha's dominant aura.

Zen, on the other hand, had the Emperor Soul Imprint. Thus, the Great Dominance Technique barely affected him. Even after he heard Maha roar, he was rather calm. He also delivered a sly smile on his face.

The intimidation from Maha's aura continued to grow even worse. Golden light shone in his eyes as his soul power spread to the extreme.

However, doubt could be seen in his golden eyes. How could Ze

inds. Other than the elite warriors of the Humanity Alliance, their forces had been already depleted by the Sacred race.

No one dared to be optimistic in such a dire situation. Despair had started to affect everyone.

They could only expect miracles.

Maha's voice, which contained the Law of Causality, irresistibly penetrated Zen's mind.

If Zen fought against Maha's Great Dominance Technique by shielding his voice, this move of Maha would have some effect. However, Zen only relied on his own soul strength to resist the suppression of Maha.

Since Maha used the Roaring Token, Zen decided to use his own Roaring Token as well.

With a flick of his fingers, two tokens jumped into Zen's hands. He gathered his focus towards the tokens.

One was the Roaring Token. The other was the token of mountain which could allow him to get into the fairy palace.

His pupils also twinkled, even brighter than Maha's under the golden glow. Confidence and pride could be seen in Zen's smile.

Maha's aura was that of a tyrant. Violence and harsh temperament flowed through it.

However, Zen's aura was completely different. His soul was upright, together with the admirable authority of an emperor. It made him comparable to the hope of a dynasty. If Maha was a tyrant, then Zen was a wise emperor.

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