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   Chapter 1957 The Great Dominance Technique

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A slight breeze blew gently through Maha's hair as he looked down from above, and took in the view of the whole Ultimate Immortal City.

His vision quickly narrowed as he focused on the blood pool at the east of the city. He continued to scan the area, and then his gaze finally landed on Zen.

At that same moment, Zen looked up and met Maha's gaze with an equally firm stare.

It was known that Maha had a transcendent status in the Murphy Universe. He was extremely arrogant as the top Godly Genius of the Murphy Universe. He even looked down on the Supreme Lords in the Murphy Universe.

He watched Zen with mocking eyes, as if the human martial artist was a mere ant.

Aside from his arrogance, he was also ruthless and tyrannical, determined to remove every obstacle in his way.

It could be said that he was born to be a formidable man.

He emitted a threatening aura, much like a hungry beast which had lurked too long in the dark--more than ready to swallow Zen in one gulp.

And so, this aura was released on Zen!

However, the aura tended to radiate in nature. It meant that unless it was a soul attack, it was impossible to aim it accurately at a certain person.

There were about eight hundred thousand mortals who were gathered at the edge of the long and wide passageway beside the blood pool.

The irresistible gravitational force was gone since Zen had already broken the Blood Curse Array. However, it was still difficult to quickly evacuate hundreds of thousands of people, even if they all wanted to escape like mad. With so many people huddled together, deaths were inevitable in the event of a heavy stampede.

Despite this, they all threw their doubts to the wind and fled for lives. It didn't matter anymore if they crushed the corpses of their companions--escape was their first priority. In turn, the martial artists of the Sacred race didn't stop them.

Meanwhile, a small amount of the aura Maha had emitted affected the crowd that was moving backwards from the commotion.

Soon enough, their weak souls felt like they had been thrown in the middle of winter when they felt his overpowering aura. Their bodies trembled as their teeth chattered uncontrollably, before they finally fainted to the ground.

Compared to Maha's oppressive aura, Zen was much more low-key.

His stability was like an unmovable mountain. He was like a steady rock, even under Maha's strong provocation. His deep pupils were as tranquil as two ancient wells without the slightest ripple.

Yet in those two ancient wells resided a faint, invincible spirit.

What was more, there was also an even stronger and more domineering aura. The invincible spirit was naturally formed from Zen's soul and temperament, while the domineering aura was because of the Emperor Soul Imprint within his s

an find a way to leave?" Maha jeered. He laughed even louder and at that moment, his voice suddenly changed. His much deeper bass had a trace of demonic nature in it as he declared, "The only thing you can do now is submit to me!"

"Submit to me!"

"Submit to me!"

"Submit to me!"

His voice continued to echo ceaselessly, as if trying to drill into Zen's soul.




One by one, all of the martial artists of the Sacred race below immediately fell to their knees.

There were some mortals that still remained conscious, but they too knelt on the ground. They didn't fear Maha's pressure, but they couldn't resist the controlling force of Maha's voice.

"Great Dominance Technique!"

Numerous phantoms surrounded Maha when he shouted the command.

The phantoms exuded an irrepressible aura as well. They ruthlessly pressed down on the living beings and instilled fear among them.

Maha held absolute authority in the Murphy Universe. Even Supreme Lords had to listen to his orders, protect him, and were willing to stay with him.

The Great Dominance Technique belonged in the top thirty skills in the 3, 000 Godly Ways. When cultivated to its maximum, it could enable one to do anything as they pleased, control other living beings' thoughts, and make them submit to their will without even doing anything.

While Maha had yet to become a True God, he came as close to condensing a Godly Tile. Thus, the Great Dominance Technique had a powerful effect when he used it.

Even Raleign and Leacock felt their hearts tremble incessantly with fear. Although they didn't kneel to the ground, they still nodded their heads. They couldn't help both the fear and admiration for their superior.

On the other hand, Zen still had a faint smile on his face. He was like a stone, completely unresponsive to Maha's Great Dominance Technique.

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