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   Chapter 1956 Meeting Maha Again

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It was a well-known fact that a True God was immortal because of their Flawless Divine Body.

One who carried a Godly Tile could have it purify their body and hone it to perfection. As a result, their life energy would never leak, even in the slightest.

Such a body was called the Flawless Divine Body. It was something that only a True God could possess.

That was why never in Leacock's wildest dreams did he expect to see a world lord with the Flawless Divine Body. It was simply unbelievable and even more shocking than the fact that Zen had broken the Four Images Time Barrier.

Of course, he didn't know that Zen's body was now a perfect weapon.

But in reality, Zen didn't actually have the Flawless Divine Body. It was just Leacock was unable to find any flaws in Zen's body with his current comprehension of the Truth Godly Way. After all, Zen was Holy Drew's masterpiece.

While Leacock was stunned in disbelief, Raleign didn't think too much about it. He continued to hold Zen as his hands released all of his strength.

"I'm gonna tear you apart!" he roared.

He wanted to tear Zen's body apart so much that an immense ghost-like power erupted from his red hands.

Yet despite Raleign's recklessness, he was also wary of Zen's incomparable power. It was why once he had captured Zen, he acted quick and didn't give Zen time to respond.

He knew that Zen was undoubtedly powerful, but that didn't mean that Zen had an unbreakable body.

But then, Raleign realized he was wrong.

When Raleign used his Ghost Claw Strike, he could break even a divine weapon with his bare hands. Half a year ago, he had been faced with three human world lords from the Humanity Alliance and one of them had a first-rank divine weapon—the Crane-singing Cauldron.

So with the help of his strength that was beyond imagination, he had used brute force to tear the Crane-singing Cauldron apart.

When he tried to do the same to Zen, he found he was unable to do so—Zen's body was so solid!

"Your strength is remarkable. But it's far from enough to tear me apart," Zen commented as his face dripped with sarcasm.

Meanwhile, the power of the Eight Path Platforms kept circulating and the Nine Divine Stars in his inner world began to turn slowly.

Then, he slightly raised his arms and effortlessly broke free from Raleign's ghost claws. Apparently, he didn't give much thought about dealing with Raleign.

"Kill him, Leacock!" Raleign shouted.

He also released his own strength which had been maxed out to the extreme, so much that his veins popped out. He knew that he wasn't as powerful as Zen, so he could only pin his hopes on Leacock now. He knew that Leacock practiced the Truth Godly Way, and his Finger Burst's power was incredible.

As long as Leacock focused on Zen's flaws and used his Finger Burst, Zen would be dead no matter how talented he was.

Both Raleign and Leacock were two grand world lords, but they had to work together to dea

Zen didn't have a flaw. Thus, what could Leacock do with Zen?

On the other hand, Zen slowly entered the Blood Curse Array in the middle of the blood pool, kicked and punched it around, and quickly destroyed the divine textures within it.

So far, he had completely destroyed all of the four Blood Curse Arrays.

After the bloody disc in the sky had lost the four arrays' support, it slowly began to incline on one side. A crack formed in the center of the huge disc; then runes began to dissipate one after another.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The whole disc disintegrated rapidly when it fell. It broke down into a shower of blood and painted the whole Ultimate Immortal City red.

The disc contained the blood of countless people, which did not get absorbed into the clouds. Now, all the red liquid had been spilled. The blood washed down like a flood, and flowed into the streets of the Ultimate Immortal City like mad.

The mortals in the Ultimate Immortal City all stayed in the streets around the four blood pools. The grounds where they stood were relatively high, so they did not get submerged in the "flood."

The bloody clouds in the sky still drifted about slowly, but they would gradually dissipate in a short time.

When Zen saw the scene, he was not happy.

The Sacred race had killed countless mortals in the Seven Ultimate World.

One ordinary mortal might not affect the situation in the Evolutionary Universe. However, there could be few geniuses in such a huge pool of them. These geniuses were the foundation of the universe.

With so many people dead, it was impossible to restore the prosperity of the city.

Just then, a huge crack suddenly appeared in the sky of Ultimate Immortal City. Then, the head of a strange beast appeared from the fissure.

It turned out to be the head of a World Devouring Beast. On top of its head stood a young man with purple hair. He was none other than Maha, the number one Godly Genius of the Sacred race.

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