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   Chapter 1955 The Flawless Divine Body

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Both Raleign and Leacock flew into an unprecedented rage.

The two of them were well-known in the Murphy Universe given their status as grand world lords. They were only second to Supreme Lords.

The difference between a Supreme Lord and a grand word lord was a single Heavenly Destiny.

Both of them had been promoted to generals by the Sacred race and in turn, led their armies into the Evolutionary Universe. They left nothing but destruction in their path and feared no one in the entire Evolutionary Universe, save for human Supreme Lords of course.

Just a year ago, the grand world lord of the Sunset World used a Roaring Token to challenge Raleign to a battle to the death. The two exchanged thousands of blows and the fight ended in Raleign's favor.

That grand world lord who unfortunately perished was the one who gave Zen the reward when the latter participated in Passing the Torch.

The difference between a world lord's strength and a grand world lord's power was great.

Zen had just reached the cultivation level of a world lord. However, he was able to rely on his cultivation to break apart a Blood Curse Array and kill four warriors of the Sacred race. He didn't even try to escape and even managed to destroy another Blood Curse Array. How could Raleign and Leacock bear this?

They did not care about the Blood Curse Array at that point; all they wanted was to capture Zen and make him pay the price for playing around with them like this.

The world lord who held the lightning-introducing stone had no way of knowing what the two grand world lords were thinking about. All he did was watch the lightning bolts descend upon and shatter the Blood Curse Array before him.

The two grand world lords had already used the Grand Teleportation to chase after Zen.

Unfortunately, when they arrived the blood pool north of the city, they didn't see Zen.

The two of them exchanged glares and quickly pinned the blame on each other for the failure of their chase.

Zen, on the other hand, had moved to the blood pool east of the city.

Raleign quickly noticed and gritted his teeth in anger. He immediately rushed towards the east side.

"Don't!" Leacock stopped him. "His goal is to destroy the Blood Curse Arrays above these four blood pools. He'll come to us sooner or later. We just need to wait and catch him off guard to kill him easily."

Leacock was the more level-headed of the two. Zen had effectively launched sneak attacks and caught the four world lor

or became a Godly Genius if he activated the 36-petal Lotus Flower.

In the Murphy Universe, a warrior should be able to grow leaves on the spinulose wood fern—a black, withered tree. If one had an understanding of the Godly Way, a leaf would grow from the tree.

It was only after 3, 000 leaves growing on the tree would one be considered a Godly Genius.

Leacock's spinulose wood fern only had 2, 300 leaves and it had not grown another one for the past thousand years. It was hopeless for him to ever become a Godly Genius.

Before the invasion, he had been summoned by the Supreme Lords. That event really motivated him in proving himself.

He was someone who wanted to accomplish great things. Right now, he hoped the Sacred race would bestow a Heavenly Destiny upon him so he could become a Supreme Lord.

Some Supreme Lords of the Sacred race might possibly perish in the war which meant the potential appearance of new Crowns of Destiny. Leacock knew he was qualified to inherit one Heavenly Destiny if that ever happened.

As the green circles spread out, countless thin lines and dots appeared in the space.

He was immediately able to find three flaws on Raleign's body—two lines and a dot to be exact. When he shifted his gaze to Zen though, his face immediately froze.

The thin lines represented one's flaws while the dots represented one's dead points.

Leacock's understanding of the Truth Godly Way might not be as good as Nathan's but he knew how to use it better.

So it was with great shock and horror when he realized that he couldn't find any flaws on Zen.

"Does he have the Flawless Divine Body?" he murmured in disbelief.

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