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   Chapter 1954 Killing World Lords

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There weren't cultivation methods like the Thunderbolt Annihilation in the Murphy Universe. Murphy, the creator of the Murphy Universe, was extremely strict in controlling the Heavenly Tribulations in the universe, which was why the warriors of the Sacred race all looked at each other in confusion when they saw the Heavenly Tribulation.

They had no idea it was triggered by Zen's cultivation method. They even wondered whether Zen had made a breakthrough.

"Holy crap!" a warrior cursed. "We must stop the Heavenly Tribulation!"

"Without the protection of the enchanted barrier, the Blood Curse Array is too weak!" another shouted.

The Thunderbolt Annihilation was a special cultivation method which when used, allowed the user to communicate with the heavens to induce the Heavenly Tribulation.

And once the Heavenly Tribulation was started, the whole process could not be stopped or reversed. Zen himself was unable to stop it, so what chance did the other world lords have?

And more than that, their time was running out.


Lightning flashed across the whole Blood Curse Array followed by consecutive crashes of thunder.

The one hundred thousand divine textures in the Blood Curse Array were very precise and fragile. They were closely related to each other and the tiniest damage could lead to the collapse of the whole array.

Without the protection of the enchanted barrier, how could the divine textures withstand the raging storm?

In an instant, half of the divine textures caught fire and the Blood Curse Array above the blood pool was destroyed.

The Blood Curse Array had originally been extracting blood from the blood pool, transforming it into a blood column and sending it to the bloody disc in the sky. However, as soon as the column that stretched to sky lost its support, it collapsed to the side and fell into the city, bathing the place with blood.

Looking at the destroyed Blood Curse Array sent shivers down the spines of the present world lords of the Sacred race. It was unbelievable! The Blood Curse Array was destroyed just like that!

"Damn it!" Raleign's face drastically changed.

Since the Four Images Time Barrier was destroyed, the other three blood pools were also exposed to the air. Add to that, Zen had also disappeared. They initially thought that he escaped, but from the looks of it, he must have gone to destroy the other blood pools.

Leacock's expression was a mirror of Raleign's. Without a word, he used the Grand Teleportation and rushed toward the blood pool in the northern part of the city.

As Zen also used the Grand Teleportation, the world lords didn't know where he went and the two grand world lords could only take their chances. The two of them chose a blood pool each to investigate while the rest of the world lords scrammed to the blood pool in the west.

Connie emerged from the blood pool and

vels were looking intently at the sky. Some of them were nature creatures, and some were Illuminating Soul Realm warriors.

In their eyes, the warriors of the Sacred race were invincible.

But why couldn't they fight off the young human?

As Zen killed world lord after world lord, he saw a ray of black light and a ray of white light flashing in the sky, signaling the arrival of the two grand world lords.

Zen grinned as he slowly escaped into the Blood Curse Array. With a circle of light spreading out under his feet, Zen activated the Thunderbolt Annihilation and teleported to the next blood pool.

"Quick! Use the lightning-introducing stone!" Veins stood out on Leacock's face as he roared at Releign.

This seemed to turn on a switch in Raleign's head as he suddenly remembered that he had a stone that could absorb thunder. In his panic, he had forgotten all about it.

"I'll go after the human brat! You activate the stone!" With that, Leacock teleported to another blood pool in the city.

Raleign was on the verge of exploding. Right now, he wanted nothing more than to kill Zen. He wasn't interested in activating the stupid stone. "Why are you alone?" he snapped at the lone world lord beside him. "Where are the others?"

The world lord pointed to the blood pool where several bodies were falling in.

Raleign's eyes widened. He didn't expect that in such little time, Zen had managed to kill several world lords of the Sacred race.

His eyes were red because of anger. He was burning with a frenzy of rage. He threw the lightning-introducing stone at the world lord and spat, "You activate the stone. I'll go help Leacock."

He teleported away, leaving the world lord alone with the lightning-introducing stone. The world lord glanced at the stone in his hand and looked at the brewing Heavenly Tribulation in the sky. "I don't know how to use the lightning-introducing stone," he murmured.

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