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   Chapter 1953 Breaking Enchanted Barrier

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Just as Connie's siren reverberated throughout the air, numerous beams of light from all over the Ultimate Immortal City shot up into the sky.

The black light's and white light's auras were the most powerful among the light beams. The thick waves of smoke billowed like the wind as they surged and soared into the sky with a grand aura.

Suddenly, a loud voice shouted, "Who dares to break into the Ultimate Immortal City?!" A burly figure dressed in black armors appeared within the blurry black light. He had a fiendish look to his face, like a tiger ready to pounce at any given rate.

"Perhaps it's a little mouse that's lost," answered back a voice within the white light, where a skinny young man in flirtatious clothes stood. He had three wolf teeth birthmarks on his face, and he was even more beautiful than a woman.

It was known that only women in all of the Sacred race were born with wolf teeth birthmarks, so this young man had imprinted them onto himself.

The black figure and the white figure were the Sacred race's two grand world lords who guarded the Ultimate Immortal City. In addition, they were quite well-known in the Murphy Universe. The black one was called Raleign, and the white was Leacock.

"Ha, I'd like to see how skilled this little mouse is," Raleign sneered then shot towards the south side of the city. A long, black smoke like a brush stroke left an inky black trail in the sky in his wake.

Leacock faintly smiled and went on to disappear as well. Although the Ultimate Immortal City was a vast piece of territory, it only seemed like a courtyard to the world lords--such that they could travel the entire city in just a few steps.

Meanwhile, the other world lords exchanged looks and shot towards the south side of the city as well.

Even though Connie's warning screamed the deadliest news and hinted that a strong enemy was here, these world lords didn't look so bothered.

It was because looking at the battle from all perspectives, it could be said that a human Supreme Lord would have to risk dying if they wanted to break the Blood Curse Array. Such a hazardous action was definitely not worth risking for a place that wasn't as important, like the Seven Ultimate World.

On the other hand, there was nothing to be afraid of a world lord who sneaked into the Ultimate Immortal City since the city had two grand world lords. One human world lord alone wanted to destroy the Blood Curse Array? That was childish.

In a blink of an eye, the world lords appeared above the blood pool at the south of the city.

Before all of those had happened, Zen had already accumulated a portion of his power in front of his fist. The power extracted from the nine stars was already condensed to the limit, and had lesser impact on the surrounding environment.

Of course, they didn't see the shocking scene th

n a state of panic. It wasn't easy to set up the Blood Curse Array. If it was broken, the leaders of the Sacred race would clearly punish them.

Aside from Connie, the other world lords had to take responsibility for the destruction. Not even one of them could escape.

However, they were still quite a distance away from the blood pool. How could they easily stop Zen?

The two grand world lords reacted quickly and moved in a flash, but after Zen had broken the Four Images Time Barrier, he had already rushed upwards and had turned into a cone which drilled into the insides of the Blood Curse Array.

At the same time, an invisible ring of light spread out under Zen's feet.

Zen who was now in the array and had left behind the ring of light, broke into a strange smile and took a step forward. The light of the Space Law scattered under his feet as he used the Grand Teleportation and disappeared from where he stood.

The world lords who charged forward were stunned again.

What did the human world lord want? Even after Zen had expended so much effort and finally broke the Four Images Time Barrier, he had actually managed to escape without destroying the Blood Curse Array.

The crowd was confused.

The reason they guarded this place in the first place was to protect the array, so that the Blood Curse Technique could be cast smoothly. They couldn't afford to lose those divine textures in the Ultimate Immortal City. They would all be killed if the divine textures were destroyed.

While the world lords were indeed puzzled, they also felt slightly relieved. It was as if they were faced with a madman.

But after a few seconds, they finally understood. This fellow was no lunatic at all.

Rhombic fragments began to form in the sky, which constantly gathered together. The sky was then filled with numerous bolts of thunder. The Heavenly Tribulation was about to arrive.

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