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   Chapter 1952 Breaking The Blood Curse Array

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It was common practice to send the best talents in the universes into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land for cultivation. Maha of the Sacred race had been to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land before since it was an open place.

But at the end of it all, the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was Holy Jay's place. He would, by no means, let the warriors of the Murphy Universe enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land to hunt the Godly Geniuses of the Evolutionary Universe.

Holy Jay and Murphy were both members of the Hall of Holy Beings who looked to be in harmony to the public. But they had quite a few conflicts in private.

The Sacred race couldn't hunt the Godly Geniuses in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. So Murphy resorted to different means. He asked the True Gods of the Sacred race to place the Grand Space Spell around the Evolutionary Universe.

When the Godly Geniuses returned to the Evolutionary Universe from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the Grand Space Spell would be activated and the Godly Geniuses would be transferred to random places.

That was why Zen was transferred to the Seven Ultimate World instead of the transmission array of the Celestial Position race.

"Are you sure the Godly Geniuses are back?" Maha asked, his tone dripping seriousness.

The Godly Geniuses would randomly be sent to the supreme worlds in the Evolutionary Universe by the Grand Space Spell. This was a good chance for the Sacred race to eliminate them.

"I'm not sure. But I will try to kill him,"

Connie said. The wolf teeth birthmarks on her face became redder and redder in an indication of her increasing excitement. She quietly brewed the life vitality in her body as she stared at Zen from the other side of the blood pool.

"Don't act rashly! I'll come over to you as soon as possible," Maha said anxiously.

Maha, the young master of the Sacred race, was very arrogant, but he was also a smart man.

The Godly Geniuses were Holy Mike's last hope. He had spent a lot of resources on them. As a result, every one of the Godly Geniuses was a mighty warrior.

They had been cultivated in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land for three years. Now that they had returned, their strength must have been multiplied greatly.

Maha, who had cultivated in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land before, knew all about this. He was afraid that Connie would be no match for the Godly Genius that she encountered.

Connie, however, didn't take Maha's words seriously.

Zen was sliding towards the blood pool, the strength in his body constantly brewing.

His goal was not only this blood pool. If everything went well, he would completely destroy all four b

, the enchanted barrier shook twice, but didn't break.

Connie slowly floated up from the blood pool. She sneered as she saw Zen's move.

Even if Zen had infinite power, it was impossible to break the enchanted barrier with brute force. The enchanted barrier was created to deal with warriors with brute force.

Four identical enchanted barriers were arranged above the four blood pools in the Ultimate Immortal City. The four enchanted barriers were interconnected with each other and they would collectively bear the attacks that any one of them received. If one wanted to destroy one of them, they would destroy all four of them simultaneously.

A world lord just couldn't do so.

Connie was optimistic in nature and didn't fear Zen killing her. She took out the communication token and said with a smile, "Maha, when can you come here? This guy has already started attacking the Blood Curse Array, but he plans to break the enchanted barrier with brute force. It's just—"

Connie broke off, her eyes widening in shock.

Zen had raised his hand and begun to twist space with his fist as the center.

It was a piece of cake for a world lord to distort space with the Space Law.

But she did not feel any Space Law in Zen, which meant that he hadn't used the Space Law to distort space.

He had just used his pure strength. This force was so powerful that it created the gravitational force that distorted space.

The blood in the blood pool, under the gravitational force, also moved and twisted.

To everyone watching, the center of the blood pool sank down, as if there was an invisible ball pressing into the blood pool. Zen's fist was at the center of this ball!

"This guy's strength is unbelievable!" Connie's eyes widened even further and a bad premonition overcame her.

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