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   Chapter 1951 Noticed Zen

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Beside the blood pool was a passageway several dozen miles wide. The entire passageway was densely packed with several million mortals.

Because the line was too long, the people at the back couldn't see what was happening and could only follow behind others. When the mortals in the front saw the pool of blood, there was already no way back.

The mortals were screaming, struggling, but there was some sort of force heaving them forward. Even if they fell to the ground, their bodies would automatically make their way towards the blood pool.

Disguised in the crowd, Zen carefully observed what had happened.

Above the blood pool, there was a massive array of divine textures. The number of divine textures could add up to over a hundred thousand at his approximation.

"This is so intriguing, so complex," Zen said in astonishment.

The Sacred race's Blood Curse Technique could be specially tailored to a certain race, and it was also extremely powerful. It notably had its own unique yet identifiable characteristics.

However, the more complex the array, the more intricate the details were. Once it was destroyed, it would be almost impossible to repair. The Sacred race had spent a great deal of effort in putting this up.

Using the Blood Curse Technique to occupy a supreme world meant that the Sacred race appealed to their last, most desperate option.

Presently, the Demon Night race and the ogre race were in conflict, while the Sacred race and the three major powers of the human race were in on and off battles. If the Sacred race didn't consolidate these supreme worlds they had occupied, it would be a challenge for them to progress.

Therefore, the Sacred race's strategy was to consolidate the supreme worlds one by one, and then continue to advance towards the Thoughtless Minds.

Zen followed the group. As he stood 300 feet away from the blood pool, he felt a force tugging on his body. It was urging him towards the blood pool, just like everyone else.

The surrounding mortals had already realized the danger they were in. Although they knew it was impossible for them to escape the force, they still struggled as much as they could, attempting to pull themselves as far away from the pool as possible.

However, no matter how much they fought it, the force was relentless. Mortals were too weak, too helpless to break free from the force. All they could do was accept their fate as they inevitably slid into the blood pool, watching as their companions were twisted into pretzels with blood showering all over the place.

In order to avoid suspicion among the Sacred martial artists, Zen was constantly wriggling his body to resist the invisible force. As he struggled, Zen slowly glided down the path towards the blood pool.

Shortly after, Zen found himself at the edge of the blood pool. His gaze was fixated on the Blood Curse Array.

Apparently, this Blood Curse Array did n

e's attention.

She remained confused, and very, very intrigued.

"Who is it?" asked Maha.

"It seems to be one of the ten Godly Geniuses you mentioned last time." Connie's expression then grew excited. The wolf teeth marks on her face turned bright red, and a faint black light constantly flashed within her pupils.

Zen hadn't changed his appearance at all. Although his face was covered in mud, she could see what he looked like with a single glance.

There were so many mortals in this supreme world, and there were always a few familiar faces. Zen blended in, using a simple concealing technique. Connie's "Colorless Eye" could see through almost all concealment techniques.

This was why she easily noticed Zen.

"How could this be? The Godly Geniuses have returned?" Maha exclaimed.

Ever since the confrontation at the Breaking Cloud Mountain, the ten Godly Geniuses disappeared from the Evolutionary Universe. No matter how hard the Sacred race searched, they couldn't trace any of them.

Murphy, their master and the creator of the Murphy Universe, had given them a mission to eliminate all Godly Geniuses. But they disappeared, and did a good job at keeping hidden.

The Sacred race had secretly investigated for months, but there were no news regarding the Godly Geniuses. In the end, they came to the conclusion that the Celestial Position had already sent all Godly Geniuses into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

The Sacred race thought of other methods to find them. They tried to send some of the world lords of the Murphy Universe into the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land to hunt down these Godly Geniuses.

But when they had put in all their efforts to build the transmission array to the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the Sacred race found out that they had actually been rejected.

This meant that they had no way to enter the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, and no way to find the Godly Geniuses.

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