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   Chapter 1950 Blood Pool

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This valley was only a hundred miles away from the Ultimate Immortal City. It would only take Zen a single step to teleport there.

But out of caution, he decided to not directly teleport to his destination.

After he returned from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Zen's strength had improved dramatically. However, this did not mean that he was skilled enough to deal with the reckless behavior of the Sacred race.

In fact, the closer he got to the Sacred race, the more cautious he became. He even slowed down and flew at a lower altitude.

Along the way, Zen discovered several groups of mortals. Their numbers ranging from over a hundred thousand to five hundred thousand per group, all escorted by Sacred martial artists. Clearly, they were being sent to the Ultimate Immortal City.

Zen didn't bother to intervene. They were already too close to the Ultimate Immortal City and any conflict would be easily detected by the warriors inside the city.

Moreover, the root of the problem was in the Ultimate Immortal City. As long as he could break in the Ultimate Immortal City and stop them from using the Blood Curse Technique, Zen believed the Sacred race would stop the reckless slaughter. After all, these mortals were weak. Just as humans didn't care to kill ants, surely the Sacred race wouldn't be so bored as to kill these insignificant mortals.

Soon, a golden city gleamed in Zen's field of vision: the Ultimate Immortal City, the largest city in the Seven Ultimate World.

Looking down, he saw a huge round plate the color of blood, looming over the city. Countless runes were rolling in it and four red pillars extended upwards from the city and connected to the bottom of the plate.

The plate was continuously absorbing dark red blood through the pillars and sprinkled it into the sky, forming blood-red clouds that spread throughout the whole Seven Ultimate World.

The closer Zen got to the city, the stronger the stench of blood became. It was as if what was ahead of him was a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. The once hustling and bustling city had become purgatory.

Zen quietly floated to the side as he observed the place. After he formed a plan in his head, the killing intent in his eyes died and his cinnabar field sealed up. He changed his appearance to that of a weak mortal and quietly landed in the center of the road leading to the Ultimate Immortal City.

Shortly after, a group of mortals walking along the road approached, several Sacred warriors escorting them. The closer they got to the Ultimate Immortal City, the more impatient the Internal Elixir Realm warriors became.

"Hurry up!

It's taken nine days to travel t

hold hundreds of thousands of people. On the main road leading to the blood pool in the south of the city, six Spirit Transformation Realm warriors were stationed.

These warriors had cold expressions and powerful auras. Compared to the Sacred martial artists at the city gate, they were much more vigilant.

Streams of strong perception continued to sweep over everyone's heads and one particular stream stopped on top of Zen.

Zen upped his acting and walked forward with wobbly legs, trying to look like he was about to fall down any moment.

The Spirit Transformation Realm martial artist glanced at Zen. However, seeing him covered in mud, the martial artist looked away boredly.

Martial artists at higher levels of cultivation had an advantage in concealing themselves from marital artists at lower cultivation levels. The Sacred warrior, while unable to find any flaw, could subconsciously feel that Zen was slightly different. However, since he couldn't tell exactly what was wrong, he decided to let it go.

Zen felt himself getting closer and closer as he passed through each screening process.

When they finally reached the blood pool, a commotion suddenly broke out.

Although the mortals were bone-tired from the long journey, their heads immediately cleared when they saw the hellish scene in front of them.

Broken limbs and other body parts floated in the pool and the metallic stench of blood was making the horrific scene a hundred times worse.

At the side of the blood pool, mortals were being lined up and were forced to jump into the blood pool.

The moment a mortal jumped into the pool, an invisible force appeared in the air, twisting the person into pretzels. Blood splashed out from their twisted bodies; it was a scene too horrible to behold.

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