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   Chapter 1949 A Very Very Great Hero

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The Sacred warrior of the Internal Elixir Realm, continued to stare at Zen.

The aura that emanated from Zen's body made the warrior realize that he was not to be taken lightly.

The gap between their cultivation levels was enormous. Although he could not detect Zen's true strength, he was sure that Zen's cultivation level would be at least at the Spirit Supreme Realm. It was possible that he might be a world lord!

'We have occupied the entire Seven Ultimate World! Despite this, he came here alone! Is he courting death?' the Sacred warrior wondered.

"Who, the hell are you? What do you want? Oh, I see! You are here to surrender yourself to us!" Maybe the Sacred warrior's cultivation level wasn't very high, but he definitely had a vivid imagination. He quickly came up with the most probable reason suggesting Zen's presence.

If Zen really came to surrender, then he might still have a chance at survival. The warrior wanted to think the situation was in his hand.

"There is no reason for you to know about my intentions," Zen replied coldly as he loosened his grip on the whip.

The Sacred warrior was surprised with Zen's reaction. He had thought he understood Zen's intentions. 'Maybe he is too embarrassed to admit it', thought the warrior.

However, his optimism was crushed with Zen's next response.

"You are too weak to even spar with me," Zen said, closing his eyes.

All of a sudden, he released the pressure from his soul, spreading it across all directions.

The Internal Elixir Realm warriors, noticed the commotion down below. They examined Zen's movements from a safe distance.

They started to panic once they understood what Zen said. They realized that situation was not in their favor and immediately turned around to escape.

But just as they escaped, they felt a sudden sag as if their heads had been struck with a heavy hammer. Their heads and souls instantly burst like bubbles.

The souls of Internal Elixir Realm warriors had never been trained before. They were as fragile as newborn babies and had no way to resist Zen's attack from his soul.

In a blink of an eye, the Sacred warriors escorting the human captives, suddenly turned into headless corpses and plummeted downwards.

Silence filled the entire valley.

All of the mortals raised their heads to look at Zen with disbelief. They couldn't imagine his power.

For them, Zen was like a savior sent by the heavens to save the people of the Creek Kingdom.

Zen glanced at these mortals briefly and was about to leave when he heard a voice from below, "Sir, please wait a moment!"

A figure flew into the sky towards him. Th

e mortals below also followed suit. Hundreds of thousands of humans in a long line prostrated themselves on the ground and bowed to Zen.

Zen merely shook his head and said, "Just take your time and get into the cave. I will then shield the entrance."

The king nodded and quickly gave the orders to his subjects.

After everyone had entered the cave, Zen used the divine textures to set up a magic array around the cave entrance. After he activated the magic array, the entrance disappeared out of sight.

This magic array couldn't deceive the world lords. Even a Spirit Transformation Realm warrior could easily find the flaws in this magic array and discover the hundreds of thousands of humans inside there.

However, the task of escorting these mortals was given to the Internal Elixir Realm warriors. With Zen's current strength, even a Virtual Tribulation Realm or Life and Death Realm warrior wouldn't be able to see through his magic array, let alone an Internal Elixir Realm warrior.

Thus, he believed that this cave was enough to keep these people safe.

After he was done with his arrangements, Zen left and continued on his way to the Ultimate Immortal City.

The king stood at the entrance of the cave as he held the little girl in his arms and stared after Zen's disappearing figure.

"Who is this man, Your Majesty?" The little girl asked in her sweet voice.

The king smiled and said, "He... He is our great hero."

"A great hero? Is he a very, very great one?" The girl asked, tilting her head.

"Yes, a very, very great one!" The king repeated and laughed.

The girl nodded her head and stared in the direction that Zen had disappeared for a long while without blinking. Zen's image was already engraved in her little mind.

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