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   Chapter 1948 The Tragedy Of The Weak

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The Blood Curse Technique was also a way of employing the malicious aura.

The reason for this was that the malicious aura was actually a sort of curse. In the Evolutionary Universe, there was no systematic approach for using the malicious aura.

Supreme Lord Sword, who had taught Zen the Gods-intimidating Strike, had devised a way of taking advantage of the malicious aura to suppress one's emotions thereby helping to ace the Emotion Closing Godly Way.

In comparison, the Sacred race's method of deploying the malicious aura was much more advanced.

This was because they could transfer the curses in the malicious aura however they pleased.

Every creature could spread curses before dying. The cursing power of an individual was insignificant, but combined with the power of millions of living beings, it was incredible and not something to be trifled with.

The Blood Curse Technique only affected other members belonging to the same race.

For example, if the Blood Curse Technique was enchanted using human blood, it could only be targeted at living humans, and creatures of any other races would not be affected.

So once the Sacred race carried out their plan successfully, the enchanted Blood Curse Technique used by them would only harm the human race and have no effect on their own race, the ogres, the Demon Night or even the wild beasts.

Only human Supreme Lords did not fear the Blood Curse Technique. But if the world lords were under the influence of the curses for too long, they would also be harmed.

Every time the Sacred race occupied a supreme world, they would enchant the Blood Curse Technique, so that they would not have to fend off a counterattack by the human race. Only the Supreme Lords were able to break the Blood Curse Technique.

But in the current scenario, all Supreme Lords of the Evolutionary Universe were hiding in the territory of the Celestial Position race. Anyone who dared to come alone would undoubtedly fail and die. Since the human race had lost three of their Supreme Lords, any new casualties would only tip the scales in the Sacred race's favor.

This was the Sacred race's tactic to consolidate their attacks in a step-by-step method.


The whip of the Sacred warrior slashed down sharply like a vicious serpent.

If the old woman and the little girl were to get hit by the whip, they would certainly get smashed into a bloody pulp.

The other mortals around them watched on with indifferent and weary expressions. Nobody had the guts to step up and help them.

The Sacred race was like a group of demons from hell for these powerless mortals. Anyone who dared to fight them would be squashed brutally like a puny ant.

Four hours earlier, over one hundred humans had protested that they needed to have a rest. But the only response they had received from the Sacred race was a lash of the whip.

The wretched whip swept across the crowd like a sharp sword. As a result, over one hundred humans had been hacked in half and died miserably in a pool of blood.

They had now realized that begging the Sacred race for mercy was mea

veral people were hit by the torturous whip and were instantly ripped to pieces. Bleeding fragments of their bodies scattered around, and the air was filled with screams from the crowd.

The nature level warriors' eyes turned red with fury. They couldn't hold themselves back any longer.

"I'll fight him to the death!"

"Let's kill him!"

"Yes! Let's die a worthy death!"

Nature creatures didn't have the ability to fly. They clambered up the towering walls on both sides of the valley and leaped into the sky to attack the Sacred warriors.

There was a hint of sarcasm on the Sacred warrior's face as he snorted, "Do you think you are strong enough to take me on? You don't even have the ability to challenge me!"

It was a ridiculous notion that a piddling lamb wanted to take on great warriors. This was the only thought in the Sacred warrior's mind.

He waved his whip and it immediately turned to a vicious serpent, which slithered towards the nature level warriors with the intention of swallowing them all.

The king of the Creek Kingdom closed his eyes. He didn't have the heart to see his people getting killed in front of him. His face was contorted in distress.

Three months before, he had enjoyed the company of his many wives in the imperial palace. The whole kingdom had been living peacefully. But now, he had to witness his kingdom slip into the abyss of despair.

He didn't have the strength to change their fates. This was the tragedy that befell on the weak.

If he was powerful enough to kill the Internal Elixir Realm warrior, he might still have hope for saving his people.

'Dear God! Is weakness an unforgivable sin?' he thought wistfully.

However, he didn't hear any painful screams from his people. Instead, he heard the Sacred warrior yelling in shock, "Who the hell are you!"

Surprised by this turn of events, the king opened his eyes and saw a human warrior appearing out of the blue and floating in the air. He pinched the whip between his fingers quite coolly and stopped it from wrecking any more havoc on the humans.

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