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   Chapter 1947 The Blood Curse Technique

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"Where is the place where the humans are slaughtered?" Zen asked as he stared at him.

Aiden was uncomfortable at Zen's gaze. 'Is this guy planning to charge in alone?' he thought.

The Sacred race had a lot of troops stationed in the Seven Ultimate World even though it wasn't an important world. There weren't any Supreme Lords present, but there were several world lords and two grand world lords.

The human world lord standing before him was strong enough, but wanting to rely on himself to contend against the Sacred race in the Seven Ultimate World? This was too naive.

But Aiden would still be happy to see this fellow throw his life away.

"All human beings are being escorted to the Ultimate Immortal City. But there are nine world lords and two grand world lords guarding the city. I'd advise you..."

Zen interrupted him. "Nice try."

Aiden's heart trembled. He couldn't wait for Zen to go to the Ultimate Immortal City to seek death, which was why he was urging Zen.

"I never intended to spare your life," Zen continued, a faint smile on his face. "But I'll spare your life now, and let you watch as I head towards the Ultimate Immortal City."

Zen reached out and patted Aiden on the forehead, sending a strange power shooting through Aiden's mind like a wriggly snake.

This power shook Aiden's mind and he felt his vision turn black before he fainted.

Zen looked around before locking onto a direction. In a flash, he stepped into the air and disappeared into the rain of blood, his body shifting over a hundred miles away.

Once reaching the first level of the Grand Teleportation of the Space Law, one was able to cover a hundred miles with each step.

Zen would not get lost in the Evolutionary Universe.

He had the Teleportation Token and the Roaring Token. To him, the entire Evolutionary Universe was an open, unobstructed place. But right now, Zen was not in a hurry to return to the Celestial Position race. He felt that he needed to do something.

Travelling through the supreme world wasn't difficult after becoming a world lord.

It would take several decades for a warrior of the Soul Sea Realm to cross a supreme world on foot without the help of a spatial channel. But it would only take a few days for Zen to cross the supreme world.

Blood-red clouds churned in the sky as if there were millions of vengeful spirits howling within. Zen continued to travel through the blood rain.

When droplets of blood landed on Zen's body, his lips pursed into a thin line to the point where one couldn't see them anymore. Just how many human beings had been slaughtered to cause this blood rain?

Five minutes later, Zen's gaze landed on a valley below.

A countless num

the Illuminating Soul Realm, and it was very rare for them to reach the Virtual Tribulation Realm. So the Sacred race merely ignored the mortals.

The mortal kingdoms, on the other hand, had always been silent about what the Sacred race had done.

The mortals knew, through the voices from the Roaring Tokens, that a "Sacred race" had been invading the universe these past few years. But they didn't pay much attention to what the Sacred race actually was. After all, these battles didn't have anything to do with the mortals.

They believed that even though the Sacred race occupied the Seven Ultimate World, they would not act against the mortal kingdoms because they were not a threat.

But this time was different.

The elites of the Humanity Alliance often resorted to roundabout tactics. Usually, after the Sacred race took over a supreme world, the Humanity Alliance would then quietly seize it back.

There were too many supreme worlds, so it was impossible for the Sacred race to send out people to guard each of the supreme worlds.

The Sacred race was annoyed by the tactics of the Humanity Alliance. They discovered that no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't take another step forward. In these three years, after eating up more than 3000 supreme worlds, they didn't have the energy to attack the Thoughtless Minds.

This was not an ideal result for the Sacred race.

But the leaders of the Sacred race managed to come up with a solution. They could use the Blood Curse Technique to seal the supreme worlds they occupied.

The Blood Curse Technique was a very sinister and dangerous curse. It could harm the humans once it was successfully set up. Their entire bodies would rot, and their life vitality would flow in reverse. They would finally die from the pain and torture.

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