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   Chapter 1946 Including Mortals

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As Zen finished speaking, his figure appeared out of the void. He floated above the Sacred warrior's head, looking down.

He resembled a sovereign with the strong and overbearing aura.

The Sacred warriors were typically proud of their noble bloodlines. In their eyes, all other races were equal, but beneath them.

Humans and other intelligent creatures were no different from pigs, dogs, ants, or any other living things.

Only the Sacred race was regarded different, with characteristics to surpass and even dominate other races.

In the Murphy Universe, any living being or race could only present themselves before the Sacred warriors, living off of their charity and support.

The Sacred martial artist had never felt such a kind of strong aura before.

Zen's inescapable aura made the martial artist feel comparably small. He had a strong feeling that he was about to be forced into submission.

But now, he was just facing a human being. Because of the glory in his bloodline, this Sacred martial artist instinctively resisted. How could he submit to a human being so easily?

"What's your name? Tell me, and I will not harm you." Zen's cold voice floated out again, as a golden light flickered faintly in his eyes. The warrior's chest pounded heavily, as he felt pressured and afraid.

There were six great cultivation places in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

They included the Dragon Flyer race's Valley of Time for breaking through cultivation levels, the Harmony race's Mind Refining Tower for state of mind cultivation, the Collapsing Mountain race's strength source for body cultivation, the Kaleidoscope race's Wind Exterminating Valley for laws cultivation, the Skyland race for the cultivation of Pristine Life Vitality, and the Soul Seal race's Divine Soul Ancestral Land where warriors could cultivate souls.

Among the three major kinds of cultivation, the soul cultivation was second to body and life vitality cultivations, and was the third pillar supporting any martial artist. Naturally, it was an important link for any warrior.

Seven out of ten Godly Geniuses entered the Divine Soul Ancestral Land, but due to the limited time, Lawson, Karl and Lone had missed the opportunity to enter and were brought into the Valley of Time directly.

Except for the Skyland race, Zen made extraordinary achievements in the five cultivation places.

Presently, Zen's soul was flashing with a dazzling golden light. On the surface of his translucent soul, there were visibly cambered golden imprints. Such an imprint was regarded as the Emperor Soul Imprint of the Divine Soul Ancestral Land. Those who possessed the Emperor Soul Imprint could give off the formidable soul pressure through their aura, causing people to lose feeling. This allowed Zen to make people submit

e was unwilling to answer was not out of confidentiality, but because the Sacred race's methods were always too cruel. He was afraid that Zen would kill him out of anger.

"This is a hell lot of blood. How many people have been killed?" Zen asked, poking his finger into a red puddle and looking toward the sky.

"The human beings of one supreme world," Aiden Long replied, carefully observing Zen.

"Including mortals, right?" Zen asked again.

Aiden Long nodded in response.

Right then, Zen's pupils slowly rotated and revealed the sharp beams, as if two inch-long daggers were embedded in the center of his pupils. Incredible anger rushed through him and took over his being.

There were countless races fighting in the universe, and the lives of warriors were usually at risk in times like this.

But the warriors knew a line had to be drawn. Innocent mortals did not deserve such treatment.

In the eyes of mortals, the world of martial artists was only an illusion. Martial artists were immortal in their eyes.

Battles among martial artists were always only between immortals and gods, without any interference or participation from mortals.

Even when the battle between the Thoughtless Minds and the Humanity Alliance was extremely intense, the mortals of the supreme worlds still led peaceful lives in their kingdoms. Only the wars among Supreme Lords accounted for the destruction of their worlds. Normally, it would never have to affect mortal kingdoms.

The line had been crossed. The most brutal creatures would never have acted out this way, but the Sacred race made themselves an exception.

As everyone knew, the Sacred race regarded mortal beings no different from animals. Killing hundreds of billions of mortals was nothing to them.

They believed that all living beings were equal, but beneath them. Only their race was superior.

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