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   Chapter 1945 What Is Your Name

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Zen's hand was still raised in the air and he maintained his stance.

The remaining six warriors of the Sacred race stared at him in astonishment.

In the Evolutionary Universe, the Sacred race had no trouble dealing with their enemies. The humans did not dare to fight them head-on. Of all the fights between the two races, humans hadn't won even once. Moreover, this team had a precedent of killing a human world lord.

Three of the seven team members were masters of soul attack, such as the previously released "Primordial Inner Demon." The next three locked the opponent with the "Saint Devil Shackle." The last one, the leader of the team, killed the opponent with the "Saint Energy Strike," which he had been powering up for a long time.

A team of the Sacred race usually consisted of seven warriors. The combined combat strength of the seven warriors was far higher than that of warriors of the same realms.

This type of strategy was aimed at the stronger warriors. If they faced the warriors of the same realms or several enemies of lower realms, the seven warriors would use another set of tactics.

It was not easy to resist the "Primordial Inner Demon" released by the three warriors. It was not purely a soul attack, but it was combined with some emotions. This not only tortured the soul of the opponent, but also befuddled their mind.

Even if a world lord had a strong soul and a stable mind, their mind would be wiped out in a short period of time with almost no resistance.

If Zen hadn't trained in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, the Primordial Inner Demon would have affected him.

During the time that Zen had been practicing the Gods-intimidating Strike and comprehending the Emotion Closing Godly Way, the malicious aura had been too much for him to bear. He had become violent and bloodthirsty.

But after he had trained in the Mind Refining Tower of the Harmony race, Zen's warrior spirit had been greatly strengthened. Now, the Primordial Inner Demon had no effect on his state of mind.

As Zen came to his senses, he fought back and instantly killed a warrior of the Sacred race.

The other warriors of the Sacred race were still stunned, apparently not realizing that one of their companions was already dead.

Zen still had a smile on his face. This smile usually made people feel warm, like they were in the presence of a modest and polite gentleman. But in these warriors' eyes, Zen's image was as terrible as a devil's. That smile looked malicious to them.

The warriors hadn't felt fear like this in a long time. They hadn't faced a race yet that was powerful enough to surpass them.

As they saw Zen approach one of them, the six warriors on the scene were shocked. It wa

When a Supreme Lord used the Grand Teleportation, they could travel several supreme worlds. Zen was still currently unable to do so, but he could still use it to travel ten thousand miles in an instant. The Spirit Transformation Realm warrior had just fled a few hundred miles in a short span of time.

" Who are you? You are a mere human world lord. Why are you so powerful?" the warrior asked after he realized that there was no point in running anymore.

"You don't need to know," Zen said with a smile. His ghost-like figure once again flew past the warrior. The moment his finger flicked out, there was a blazing white light under his feet. Zen had disappeared in front of the warrior. He began to chase after the fifth warrior.

Then the sixth...the seventh...

There was only one warrior of the Sacred race left, and Zen didn't kill him immediately.

This warrior was the one who had stood on the black warship and looked down on Zen. As the leader of his team, he had the greatest strength. After the other six members trapped a strong opponent, the killing blow was dealt by this man!

Because it took Zen some time to kill the other six warriors, their leader had already escaped two hundred miles in such a short time.

While he ran for his life, he had almost pushed his strength to the limit.

In comparison with the other warriors of the team, he was the most intelligent. He had already realized that Zen would be too much for him to deal with. He never looked back and didn't think about anything else but to escape with his life!

He didn't know or care whether his companions were dead or not.

At least, he was safe now.

'I'm finally safe.'

Just as the thought crossed his mind, a voice whispered in his ears. It scared him to his wits' end.

"Hi, what's your name?"

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