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   Chapter 1944 Attack

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Thick smoke billowed in the air as the black warship stopped in front of Zen. A Sacred warrior stood at the ship's bow.

The warrior was only at the Spirit Transformation Realm, but he appeared intimidating as he looked arrogantly at Zen.

The ship's hull shook a little bit before it came to a complete halt. "Hey, did you come to our Sacred race's territory to surrender?" the Sacred warrior stared at Zen and asked.

The only reason the Sacred warrior even bothered to ask was because Zen had a cultivation level of a world lord. Had he been a martial artist at the Soul Sea Realm, Spirit Supreme Realm, Spirit Transformation or even Life and Death Realm, the Sacred warrior would've killed him immediately. A creature from the Evolutionary Universe was no different from a pig or a dog in the eyes of the Sacred warriors.

'They are really the Sacred warriors….' Zen thought. His eyes narrowed into slits as he scanned the Sacred warrior from head to toe. There also seemed to be some information to be gleaned from the Sacred warrior's words.

He said "Sacred race's territory," which meant that this supreme world had already been occupied by the Sacred race.


It meant that there were world lords in the human race who became traitors.

The human race had always had its fair share of traitors ever since the ancient times. Thus, it didn't come as a surprise when some martial artists surrendered to the Sacred race in order to survive.

"Do you come for the sake of surrender!" the Sacred warrior asked again. At the same time, the other Sacred martial artists became more vigilant.

If this guy did not come to surrender, they might have to be ready to fight.

Even then, the Sacred warriors already were quite confident in their strengths. Moreover, the seven Sacred warriors present were all top-level Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists. They already had an established set of tactics, which they had long perfected. It wouldn't be a problem for them to defeat a world lord with joint efforts.

Lastly, this place wasn't far from their supreme headquarters. If they couldn't defeat the man in front of them, it wouldn't be hard for them to escape from Zen's clutches.

A faint smile lit up Zen's face as he floated into the air. Then, he slowly moved towards the black warship in the sky and said, "If I intend to surrender, would the Sacred race accept me?"

The Sacred warrior's eyes lit up immediately upon hearing Zen's words.

It was known that the Supreme Lords and the True Gods at the top were those who decided the result of the war.

However, it did not mean that the lower level martial artists were automatically useless.

The Sacred race would need a large number of world lords to gradually stabilize the supreme worlds they had occupied if they wanted to control the entire Evolutionary Universe.

The Evolutionary Universe was far too vast. It was about the same size as the entire Sacred race, and that was with its power not included. Thus, it would be quite difficult for the Sacred race to take over the whole Evolutionary Universe on their own.

It all boiled down to not having enough manpower.

The Sacred race had occupied twelve supreme worlds this month, but they had failed to sen

odies emitted a demonic aura that directly struck Zen's soul and began to disturb his mind.

The Sacred race was the most powerful force in the Murphy Universe, which was known for its orderliness. This trait was demonstrated in their methods of training their warriors to coordinate with each other and form strong teams instead of fighting as an individual.

While there were many powers and races in the Evolutionary Universe, most martial artists fought on their own. Even if some forces managed to develop some joint attack techniques, such things became useless when they reached the Spirit Transformation Realm, or the level of a world lord.

It was safe to say that the martial artists of the Evolutionary Universe were like a heap of loose sand, lacking spirit of cooperation.

The heavy gazes of the three Sacred warriors began to make Zen feel upset, and the negative emotions in his heart began to stir.

However, this disturbance of mind only lasted for a blink of an eye before a faint smile appeared again on Zen's face.

Zen had entered the Mind Refining Tower after he left the Soul Suppressing Cliff. He had suffered all sorts of torment from inner demons in all the seventy-seven floors of the tower. The mind-disturbing technique the three Spirit Transformation Realm martial artists in front of him had exerted on him was only equivalent to the inner demon on the thirtieth floor of the Mind Refining Tower, which failed to shake his state of mind.

"It's a shame that you... only have this little bit of ability."

He then took a step forward, and left no room for his opponents to escape. He gently brushed a slender but powerful index finger against the forehead of one Sacred martial artist.

The Sacred martial artist's eyes widened in disbelief as he stared at Zen. His entire body became slack before he fell down the sky. His resentful eyes never left Zen until he finally crashed on the ground.

The Sacred martial artist's skull was completely shattered with just a light brush of Zen's finger. The power of Zen's attack had stirred his mind into a completely mess. His soul was broken into pieces and quickly vanished into thin air.

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