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   Chapter 1943 Blood Rain

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The chances these Godly Geniuses had in condensing their Godly Tiles in such a short period of time were slim in Holy Jay's opinion.

The heaviest burden of saving the Evolutionary Universe still had to be carried by Zen, Rocher, and Xenia.

The most important part of Mike's plan was Zen. He had already laid out everything for him. He picked a great world and made the necessary arrangements including creating the entire Luo Clan where Zen could grow and experience paternal love.

This went the same for Rocher and Xenia. Mike had a certain degree of control over things and used it to give the two some advantage. Rocher, for example, had the heritage of the Lord of Weapons while Xenia had the heritage of the extraordinary creature.

With the three of them occupying the top three positions, Nathan came at a close fourth since the Xuanyuan Clan remained the strongest faction amongst Mike's disciples.

"Holy Jay, have you seen Margaret?" Zen suddenly asked.

He'd been thinking of her ever since he entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. She wasn't weak but her temper often led her to trouble which made Zen a little worried.

A trace of helplessness appeared on Holy Jay's face. "Margaret is still somewhere in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land."

"What happened to her?" Zen asked in concern when he saw the look on Holy Jay's face.

Holy Jay was a genuine Holy Being. It required quite a serious matter for him to show such an expression.

It seemed Margaret might have caused quite a stir wherever she was.

Each of the ten Godly Geniuses had a role to play. Zen was the main character and an indispensable existence in this universe. Rocher was the assassin who could deliver the most fatal blow. Xenia had other uses.

Nathan, meanwhile, was Zen's alternate.

Despite the meticulous planning Mike had done, there was bound to be a couple of accidents along the way. If, in the worst-case scenario, Zen died then Nathan would replace him.

Of course, the ten Godly Geniuses did not know about this. Not even Wynn, Mike's disciple knew. It was only Holy Jay and Bromley who were privy on this matter.

If this news was ever made public then the Supreme Lord of Original Sin would no doubt do everything in his power to kill Zen and have Nathan take his place.

Margaret had the most special role in all of this. As per Mike's request, Holy Jay had to help her

ring the Evolutionary Universe, they had gone through the human forces that tried to resist them effortlessly like a hot knife to butter. They were unstoppable.

Their race managed to sweep this entire universe with ease without any losses.


"Tsk! Is this human an idiot? He doesn't even know how to run. When did humans become so obedient?"

Several of the Sacred race members roared in laughter.

One of them sized Zen up. He was a bit more cautious than the others. "Everyone be careful, that guy... seems to be a world lord."

These warriors of Sacred race were all at the Spirit Transformation Realm which meant fighting with a world lord was still going to be difficult for them.

"How is this possible?! How could a world lord dare to enter this place?" one of the warriors asked in confusion.

The supreme world they were in had long since been occupied by the Sacred race. Any human world lord that entered this area subjected themselves to a death sentence.

Nonetheless, the Sacred race warriors were not afraid. Zen was a mere human and the Sacred race felt nothing but disgust for him.

"He came here to surrender, perhaps?"

The past three years hadn't been kind. Whether it was a Supreme Lord or an ordinary warrior, all of them had been pushed back by the Sacred race. Hundreds of world lords had already chosen to surrender, with some even betraying their own races to join the victors.

A human world lord who suddenly appeared in front of them might mean that he was here to surrender, hence the black warship changed course and headed straight for Zen.

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