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   Chapter 1942 Zen's Boundary Clouds

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The boundary wall surrounded the entire chaotic sea, forming a wall that enclosed Zen's inner world.

At every certain distance, the boundary wall was inlaid with a golden Sanskrit word.

If one were to swim to the edge of the chaotic sea, they'd see a golden light band at the end of the world.

When all the Sanskrit words were in place, Zen's inner world turned truly stable as he stepped into the realm of a world lord.

Meanwhile, in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, many warriors marveled at the spectacle.

The Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was actually an enormous cave created by Holy Jay—it was isolated. There were no clouds, rain or snow.

But for the first time, the aborigines in the cave finally saw clouds for themselves.

The birth of every golden Sanskrit word could inspire a circle of Boundary Cloud to spread. These circles looked like wreaths built in the sky—indeed, a spectacular scene.

The creatures outside the Valley of Time didn't realize that these were the Boundary Clouds.

When these came into view, they wondered if they were truly Boundary Clouds. It was known that a warrior could only have one Boundary Cloud. It shouldn't have been able to cover such a large area. But the largest Boundary Cloud covered the entire inner circle of the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

The warriors of the Valley of Time were rendered speechless.

And the two Dragon Flyer warriors who had been bickering all the while now stared at each other in silence. They didn't know how to evaluate the Boundary Clouds in the sky and wondered whether or not a Boundary Cloud could determine the strength of a world lord.

If it could, what was happening? Why were there so many Boundary Clouds in the sky?

Soon after, the door to the cave where Zen stood finally opened up. A man shot out of it and hovered over the Valley of Time. When he looked down in the direction of Rocher and the others, he suddenly fell before them.

"Zen, congratulations!" Lucille greeted with a wide grin.

"Zen, you're the last to become a world lord," Lone remarked, laughing.

Three days before the deadline, the last Godly Genius became a world lord as well. Basically, their expected goal in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was achieved. So the other Godly Geniuses felt free to congratulate Zen one after another.

For a long while, Nathan remained shocked before finally coming to his senses and congratulating Zen. Numerous times, he had been stimulated by Zen, but he hadn't quite adapted to the feeling. When he became a world lord, he began worrying about whether or not Zen's Boundary Cloud could exceed twenty miles. If Zen went beyond him with his Bound

If Holy Jay could enter and leave the Evolutionary Universe as he pleased, then Mike wouldn't have been bothered to train these Godly Geniuses.

Mike would have only needed to train Zen and make him his successor.

Holy Jay had learned about the state of the Evolutionary Universe from the divine land. The war between the Evolutionary Universe and the Murphy Universe was quite the topic in the divine land, and many Holy Beings in the Hall of Holy Beings discussed it among themselves. It wasn't difficult to get a hold of the news.

Since the Sacred race had declared war against the Evolutionary Universe, two years had already passed.

The Sacred race was expanding far faster than anyone had expected—the most critical point was that the Demon Night race sent troops to assist the Sacred race.

Because of the Demon Night race's participation, many forces of the human race were attacked both from behind and in front.

"I don't have any specific information. After all, it's a matter between Murphy and Mike; other Holy Beings have no reason to interfere. I can't touch Murphy now." Holy Jay himself was a member of the Hall of Holy Beings. Although Mike used to be a member as well, he was on the verge of dying and Holy Jay couldn't get involved.

"What should we do now?" Lawson asked urgently. There were only about twenty human Supreme Lords; he was afraid that the patriarch of his clan would be killed.

After giving Lawson a look, Holy Jay turned to Zen. "There is no better way to win this war. Besides the competition between the Supreme Lords, this is also the game between the True Gods of the two universes. If two or three of you can become True Gods, the Evolutionary Universe should also be able to stabilize and end this war. I came here to send you back."

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