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   Chapter 1941 The Boundary Wall (Part Two)

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However, compared to the other Godly Geniuses, it was still the worst. The speed at which Zen's Boundary Cloud spreading was astonishing, but the distance it finally reached was not phenomenal. It could even be described as mediocre for a Godly Genius.

At that moment, Zen still kept a close watch of his inner world. He stared with eyes full of concentration at the light curtain at the edge of his inner world…

The light curtain formed a common boundary wall. If the world were a universe that was created by a Holy Being, then the wall would be what people referred to as a Sighing Wall. It meant that even a True God could do nothing to it but sigh.

Suddenly, the light curtain began to undergo an extravagant change!

Golden dots of light continued to condense on the light curtain and formed golden vortexes! Power and intensity radiated in their glow.

Zen was no stranger to these golden vortexes. He had seen them before.

When he used the Grand Weapon Refining Method to refine his body, these golden vortexes had always appeared when his body touched preternatural flames.

As Zen looked closely at the golden vortexes, he noticed that they were inscribed by obscure golden Sanskrit words, which rotated at an extremely fast speed!

The Grand Weapon Refining Method was obtained by Zen from the Divine Flame Cauldron. It was a cultivation method passed on to him by Mike. The changes and reactions with the golden vortexes were not strange to him.

But why had Sanskrit words suddenly appeared on the light curtain when he tried to break through to become a world lord?

According to Holy Jay's speculations, the Sanskrit words should've belonged to extraordinary creatures that had never appeared and whose state of lives had been incomprehensible. Why had these golden words appeared on the boundary wall?


rprises to show." Even Holy Jay's heart was entranced with curiosity. His eyes observed him like a new experiment.

Not long after the first golden Sanskrit word was embedded in the boundary wall, the second golden dot of light also stopped its rotation. It turned into a huge golden Sanskrit word before it embedded itself in the wall. Afterward, the third Sanskrit word followed, and then the fourth Sanskrit word…

Huge golden Sanskrit words surrounded the chaotic sea as they sank themselves in the boundary wall one by one. The boundary-forming power spread out in waves. Each wave radiated more energy than the one before.

Fifteen miles…

Twenty miles…

Twenty-five miles…

Eventually, Zen's Boundary Cloud broke Nathan's and Rocher's records.

What was even more peculiar was that the Boundary Cloud that spread was actually stacked with multiple layers. Viewed from the ground, it looked like countless rings that were formed in the sky by Boundary Clouds. The rings were linked with one another, from smaller ones to bigger ones.

As the martial artists witnessed the extraordinary spectacle, confusion enveloped them. How could there be so many rings of Boundary Cloud that appeared all of a sudden?

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