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   Chapter 1940 The Boundary Wall (Part One)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 6127

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"This guy is something else... He has finally begun to show his real strength!"

Lone exclaimed as he stared at the Boundary Cloud that flew across the sky.

He felt that Zen had finally gotten serious. No one could comprehend Zen's actual skills.

Nathan clenched his teeth as he looked at the Boundary Cloud that expanded rapidly in the sky. Worry and terror painted his face.

Previously, he pitied and looked down at Zen as he was the only one among the group who hadn't become a world lord.

As the Godly Geniuses of the Evolutionary Universe, they should at least reach the level of world lords after the practice in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. Their titles were synonymous with their privileges. Only world lords had the right to condense their Godly Tiles and go further to become True Gods!

Otherwise, they would always remain as Godly Geniuses. The only way to improve was to surpass the level of a world lord.

They were all still young. Blessed with extraordinary talent and incredible perception, these Godly Geniuses were more powerful than others of the same level. When they were at the Spirit Transformation Realm, they were able to contend against someone like a world lord. However, it still wasn't enough!

The ones who could decide the fate of the Evolutionary Universe weren't the hundreds of thousands of world lords, or the hundred-plus Supreme Lords, but the True Gods!

If these Godly Geniuses wanted to participate in a battle to save the Evolutionary Universe, they had to quickly become world lords and then master the Godly Ways that they cultivated.

Right then, as Nathan saw the way the Boundary Cloud spread, he immediately felt that it was foolish of him to pity Zen before. The momentum of the spread of the Boundary Cloud was extremely fast. However, previously, Zen's B

" Lone curled his lips. It was such a letdown to see the fast spread of Zen's Boundary Cloud to have immediately stopped.

"The Boundary Cloud has not disappeared yet. Don't jump to conclusions," Lucille calmly said with a trace of expectation on her face.

"Zen's breakthrough should be different from ours," Rocher calmly analyzed. He knew part of Zen's secrets, but he wasn't sure of it entirely as he wasn't Zen.

Even Bromley, who created the Primal Chaos Technique, wouldn't be able to analyze the scene before everyone's eyes if he were there, let alone Rocher.

The two elders of the Dragon Flyer race began to argue again...

"I already said it before. His boundary-forming power must have leaked out on its own. It might have caused the vitality between heaven and earth to become so unstable," the elder who had spoken up before firmly believed in his own judgment. His face even reflected a smug smile.

The other elder only coldly glanced at the sky. "His Boundary Cloud hasn't disappeared yet!" His eyes reflected his expectations.

In the end, the Boundary Cloud covered a range of fourteen miles. To the ordinary world lords, this could be considered an extremely outstanding achievement.

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