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   Chapter 1939 The Godly Way Guide

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When martial artists became world lords, boundaries were placed in their inner worlds. It was comparable to a country selecting a piece of land for itself.

And when they reached the world lord realm, the boundary-forming power resonated with the vitality between heaven and earth to create the Boundary Cloud which contained a trace of the mysteries of world evolution and recorded a bit of the martial artists' comprehension of the Godly Way.

Martial artists also recognized the Boundary Cloud as a standard to measure a world lord's potential and strength.

The ball of Boundary Cloud that Zen had drawn was shocking not just because of the color. It gave off a mysterious aura as it kept rolling and rolling. The patterns within it also seemed to contain some kind of mystery.

All the martial artists had their eyes glued to the Boundary Cloud, none of them able to understand just what was happening.

When Nathan became a world lord, the Boundary Cloud he released had a bit of rhombic patterns—the symbol of the Truth Godly Way.

The Godly Geniuses who cultivated the Truth Godly Way could have some understanding of it if they observed this Boundary Cloud.

And when Lucille was promoted to world lord, the Five Elements Annual Rings—patterns belonging to the Five Elements Godly Way—appeared within her Boundary Cloud.

However, the patterns in Zen's Boundary Cloud were not regular. They were constantly changing, as if all three thousand Godly Ways were being shuffled.

High above in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Holy Jay was also watching Zen's Boundary Cloud with disbelief.

The reason the living beings within the Valley of Time were attracted by the Boundary Cloud was because there was a mystery hidden within it that they couldn't decipher. And although they couldn't understand much, they still found it astounding...

But Holy Jay was still a Holy Being. It was just that the universe he created was rather special.

Before he became a Holy Being, he had seen something similar to this.

"It's scarily similar to the Godly Way Guide..."

This so-called Godly Way Guide wasn't actually a book but a ball of rolling brown mist that was very similar to the Boundary Cloud Zen had activated.

Zen's Boundary Cloud however, was still incomparable to the true Godly Way Guide as the Godly Way Guide's complexity was far beyond what ordinary people could imagine.

After all, all three thousand Godly

otic energy all the while, producing a tiny amount of boundary-forming power. It was this power that prevented the Boundary Cloud from dissipating, keeping it afloat above the Valley of Time.

The light curtain needed a lot of chaotic energy, so the chaotic energy surged toward it from all directions. As the curtain continued to absorb energy, the coastline of the central continent also began to descend, even attracting the attention of the humans on it. Within Zen's inner world, some of the human martial artists who were near the sea wondered why the water level of the chaotic sea dropped so fast.

The Boundary Cloud floated in the air for six hours, while Zen had spent a hundred and twenty days in the cave.

Zen's face twitched slightly. The light curtain within his inner world suddenly began to emit rays of light, which was followed by an extremely strong boundary-forming power gushing out.

"Has it completely formed?"

After the rays of light disappeared, Zen began to observe the light curtain. His eyes gleamed with wonder and his mouth fell agape.

Meanwhile, the boundary-forming power erupted outwards like a violent beast that was just released from its cage. It began to violently resonate with the vitality between heaven and earth at the peak of the Valley of Time!


The resonance caused a sharp cry to burst out.

It was as if someone had suddenly thrown a large rock into the water, causing a huge ripple.

Suddenly, Zen's Boundary Cloud, which was stagnant earlier, began to rapidly spread in all directions, its speed already beyond the Dragon Flyer race's understanding.

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