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   Chapter 1938 Zen's Breakthrough

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A cave of Valley of Time was completely sealed. Zen was inside the cave, completely unaware of the situation outside.

All these years, he often took the shape of an avatar to explore his inner world and develop it.

Most of the time, a martial artist did not interfere with their own inner world. The creatures within the inner world formed an ecological chain and thrived.

A powerful creature could be born only under certain circumstances. If Zen interfered and provided them with too many resources, then the creatures in the inner world would be incomparably weak. Even their rate of reproduction would start declining.

Ever since the World Tree had extended its roots into the chaos, it had been able to draw out endless amount of chaotic energy, which was a huge benefit for Zen.

The chaotic sea continued to expand, and the central continent continued to evolve. The time within his inner world quickly moved forward.

The situation on the continent became complicated.

The Howe Clan and the Totem Clan had already turned into an imprint in history.

The queen of the Howe Clan that Zen had once rescued, left behind a glorious divine kingdom. Later, it divided itself into three divine kingdoms on the continent.

As for the Howe Clan, when it was split up, it formed many sacred places of varying proportions. In one of the sacred places, the first warrior at the Soul Sea Realm was created.


The edge of Zen's inner world was still in a state of chaos.

Some intelligent sea creatures were curious about the edge of this world. They swam forward, following the chaotic sea.

At this moment, a strange phenomenon happened. No matter how long one swam in this sea, they could never reach the end. It was as if the chaotic sea was endless.

Moreover, the moment one turned around, they would instantly return to the starting point, as if the world was an endless cycle of reincarnation.

Zen was not the only cultivator to be in such situation. The other cultivators also faced similar situations within their inner worlds.

However, this time the situation was different. The group of sea creatures swimming at the edge of the chaotic sea felt a vigorous force descending upon them.

The chaotic sea began to stir up violent storms, forming into massive walls.

Initially, the sea creatures panicked, but soon they calmed down. Although the storm was fierce, it came to a halt at the edge of the chaotic sea.

Several months later, the storm vanished. And at the edge of the chaotic sea, a grayish-brown curtain of light began to form. This curtain of light began to absorb the chaotic energy frantically.

"Form the boundaries!"

At this moment, Zen was at a crucial juncture. Sitting upright in the cave, he placed both his hands on top of his

here, but used his inner vision to spy on Zen.


Suddenly the crowd heard a rumbling sound coming from above the Valley of Time.

There was a sound of explosion that resonated within the surrounding vitality between heaven and earth. A ring-shaped Boundary Cloud appeared in the sky and began to spread outwards.

However, the speed at which the Boundary Cloud spread, was not that fast as compared to Rocher's, Nathan's, Lawson's, Lone's and the others'.

But the Godly Geniuses and the Dragon Flyer warriors were shocked to see this Boundary Cloud.

The Boundary Cloud that formed from the vitality between heaven and earth, had a hue of light yellow color. From Nathan to Lone, all their Boundary Clouds shone in light yellow color. However, Zen's Boundary Cloud was different—it was grayish brown!

"What's with Zen's Boundary Cloud? That is a very peculiar color," Karl asked in bewilderment.

"Why is this Boundary Cloud colored differently?" Lawson also asked in confusion.

Nathan also looked perplexed as the ring spread slowly. "It is said that when a martial artist with Purple Power Body breaks through to become a world lord, the color of the Boundary Cloud will be a light purple color. But I haven't heard about a grayish-brown Boundary Cloud!"

The Dragon Flyer warriors were even more shocked looking at the sight in front of them.

There were many world lords in the Valley of Time. The Dragon Flyer warriors' research on the Boundary Cloud was much more profound than any other race.

"Why does this person have this sort of strange Boundary Cloud?"

"What kind of cultivation technique is this? Even the sound is so loud!"

"However, judging by the situation, the Boundary Cloud will not cover much distance. At most, it won't exceed five miles. You're right. His talent is a bit weaker than the other warriors'!"

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