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   Chapter 1937 The Boundary Cloud (Part Two)

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This kind of information was definitely not hard to come upon, though. After he learned that Zen had taken five months to step into the Spirit Transformation Realm, a look of malicious pleasure appeared on his face. Zen's speed had actually been much slower than his!

Looking at things from this point of view, whether or not Zen would have enough time to make a breakthrough and become a world lord was now uncertain.

Nathan, on his behalf, chose not to head back into seclusion again after becoming a world lord. Instead, he waited for the other Godly Geniuses in the Valley of Time. Half a month later, the sky above the Valley of Time began to tremble again.

The Boundary Cloud formed by the resonance of the boundary-forming power and the vitality between heaven and earth spread outward in a consistent fashion.

"The speed at which this Boundary Cloud is spreading is extremely fast!"

Nathan said as his eyebrows shot up. He had just achieved an incredible result himself, and he had no desire to be surpassed in just half a month's time.

As the Boundary Cloud continued to expand, the cloud also continued to lengthen.

Three miles...

Five miles...

Ten miles...

Fifteen miles!

Nathan stared at the growing, expanding Boundary Cloud and he wrinkled his forehead. Stressed sweat began to dabble at his hairline.

The continuously expanding Boundary Cloud maintained a fairly quick pace. In other words, Nathan knew the Boundary Cloud's length would continue to increase.

Eighteen miles...

Nineteen miles...

Twenty miles!

"Stop!" Nathan said in a low voice while staring at the Boundary Cloud.

Unfortunately but expectedly, the Boundary Cloud didn't follow Nathan's request. In fact, at the same time as Nathan had spoken, this Boundary Cloud had already

es of Boundary Cloud was considered extraordinary. They never thought that this group of people would have all exceeded this result.

"I originally thought that there would be another world lord with a Boundary Cloud greater than twenty miles, but I didn't expect the others to be so worse off," the leader said indifferently.

"Their cultivation levels are about the same though, and the martial artist that made a breakthrough first has a much higher perception. The ones that came out of their caves later aren't as good as the two from before," an elder responded.

The leader nodded his head. This sort of analysis was reasonable and it could be said that one who was faster than others in breaking through was much more talented. It was only natural that the spread of their Boundary Cloud would be wider as well.

"From the looks of it, the Boundary Cloud of the last warrior in this group shouldn't be longer than twenty miles either," the leader said, as he stared at the cave.

The last person he spoke of was Zen, of course, who was still secluded inside the cave. As the leader of the Dragon Flyer race spoke, Zen was actually still training in the cave, with his eyes closed.

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