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   Chapter 1936 The Boundary Cloud (Part One)

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It was quiet.

After entering the Valley of Time, the foreign martial artists had chosen to go into seclusion as soon as they could. They wanted to consolidate the things they had obtained in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

As for the Dragon Flyer race of the Valley of Time, they were a race that, simply put, loved peace and quiet.

The Dragon Flyer warriors had half-dragon and half-human bodies. Most of the time, they were much like statues. They stood in the same posture for several days without saying a single word. Only when movements in the Valley of Time were observed would they pay attention to them.


Today though, the vitality between heaven and earth in the sky above the Valley of Time began to tremble violently. The energy mixed together and burst out with an explosive sound.

The originally colorless and formless vitality between heaven and earth quickly formed into a pale yellow ring, continuously expanding outward to its surroundings. On the surface of the glowing ring, several rhombus-shaped patterns appeared.

"This is the Boundary Cloud. Someone has entered the realm of a world lord," a member of the Dragon Flyer race said calmly, raising his eyes in order to look at the Boundary Cloud.

Inside the inner world of a warrior at the Soul Sea Realm, the Spirit Supreme Realm, or the Spirit Transformation Realm, the boundaries were extremely vague and blurred. In other words, no clear limitations were put in place. Once the warrior became a world lord though, a boundary-forming power would appear within their inner world. Only at that point in time would clear boundaries appear in their inner world, allowing the latter to become a great world.

In the process of forming such boundaries, the Boundary Cloud would be produced when a martial artist resonated with the vitality between heaven and earth.

In the Valley of Time, there were many occurrences where th

in the sky didn't dissipate before a long time, continuing to circle in the air above instead. At the top of Valley of Time, a handsome youth had just stepped out of a deep cave. This person was none other than Nathan himself.

He looked at the slowly expanding Boundary Cloud in the sky and a satisfied smile appeared on his face. "Father was right. When one breaks through to become a world lord, the Boundary Cloud created from the boundary-forming power can truly reach a distance of twenty miles. No one can do better in the entire universe!"

Any martial artist that successfully entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land was considered extremely outstanding. Even here in the Valley of Time, a twenty-mile-long Boundary Cloud only very rarely appeared. In this grand era of the Evolutionary Universe, the greatest Boundary Cloud had only been a total of 14 miles long. Needless to say, Nathan had far exceeded this past result.

"Looks like I'm the first to make a breakthrough and become a world lord! I wonder how long it took Zen to enter the Spirit Transformation Realm," he murmured. He had only left the cave once, when he'd stepped into the Spirit Transformation Realm. Therefore, he naturally wasn't clear on how everyone was undergoing closed-door seclusion.

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