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   Chapter 1935 A New Path

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The Valley of Time was usually the last stop for foreign martial artists in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land.

Time here had been compressed evenly. There were almost no fluctuations at all. More importantly, the vitality between heaven and earth was in a calm state.

That was the reason why most people would try to break through their bottleneck here.

In fact, those who entered the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land were either top talents from the universes or elite martial artists from the divine land. All of them were gifted in martial arts, and they could easily break through their current cultivation level, a feat that was insurmountable for most ordinary warriors.

After those Godly Geniuses left other cultivation sacred places, they entered the Valley of Time one by one and began a year-long cultivation in seclusion.

The valley was beautiful and quiet. The Dragon Flyer race had created a special incense using their secret skill. This incense had the ability to calm the soul and as it continued to burn, its fragrance would spread throughout the valley.

In this valley, caves of varying shapes and sizes existed. The highest, most powerful caves had a time compression of around 80 times; the middle ones had a time compression of 50 times; and the lowest ones had a time compression of 20 times.

Since this place maintained a stable time flow rate all year round, naturally, it would be impossible to recreate the scenario Zen experienced: time compression that had reached a terrifying rate of thirty million times. After all, maintaining such a high rate was strenuous, even for Holy Jay.

After the Godly Geniuses left other cultivation places, the Dragon Flyer race's prophet invited them to the Valley of Time. The Godly Geniuses then began their year of secluded cultivation. Of course, they did that in the valley's best caves.

This move caused many groups of martial artists from the divine land to get angry and become indignant. They didn't understand why the Dragon Flyer race had given such preferential treatment to a group of outsiders. "Secondary creatures," some described them.

It was a very quiet year.

Since time in those caves was compressed by eighty times, a month's time outside of it would mean that seven years had already passed inside.

Before that, the Godly Geniuses had already accumulated a lot of experience through many trials in the sacred places. Coupled with several skills they had inherited from the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, they were able to cultivate their own unique characteristics to their highest level.

But the ones who had the fastest breakthroughs were Rocher and Nathan!

They were able to go from the Spirit Supreme Realm to the Spirit Transformation Realm within the first month. Nathan even took less time than it took Rocher to complete the process.

After breaking through, Nathan left the cave to ask about the other Godly Geniuses' situation. When he heard that he was the first one to step into the Spirit Transformation Realm, he felt pl

actually in chaos. It only established an unfathomable link with Zen through the Cross-world Theurgy.

After the roots of the World Tree reached the bottom of Zen's inner world, it continued growing and even extended into the chaos!

When Zen discovered this, instead of being alarmed, he became very interested.

The Primal Chaos Technique was not a complete cultivation method and had never been reviewed by anyone. When Zen's master, who was called Bromley by Holy Jay, wrote it, he admitted that it was his idea but said that he could not guarantee how far this cultivation method could help the martial artist that would use it.

The biggest flaw of the Primal Chaos Technique was that it was hard to replenish the chaotic energy.

Both the universes and the divine land were filled with vitality between heaven and earth. A martial artist could freely absorb it or replenish it with life vitality crystals. It was the way martial artists practiced and survived.

And where could Zen go to find the chaotic energy?

Previously, Zen had come up with an alternative plan—use the characteristics of the Heavenly Ogre Fist he had practiced in the past to endow the chaotic energy with the ability to devour things. However, it was not efficient nor enough to transform the life vitality he was devouring to chaotic energy.

This was also the reason why Zen's speed at breaking through to the Spirit Transformation Realm was slower than the other Godly Geniuses.

But when the World Tree penetrated his inner world and extended its roots into endless chaos, Zen knew that it opened up a brand new path!

"It is said that the four divine trees in the divine land could absorb chaotic energy. If that is the case, then this World Tree will also become the divine tree of my inner world!" Zen murmured in excitement.

Before, he thought that he had a small chance of becoming a world lord. But now, he was filled with confidence. Being able to absorb a huge amount of chaotic energy was the foundation of his confidence.

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