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   Chapter 1934 Soul Suppressing Cliff

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Despite being omniscient in the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land, Holy Jay could not do anything to help the Evolutionary Universe.

While he was a good friend of Mike, he was incapable of fighting those from the Hall of Holy Beings. Besides, he couldn't help Mike directly because he couldn't disobey the rules of the Hall of Holy Beings.

Thus, he could only partake in the nurturing of the ten Godly Geniuses.

Zen was one of the most important ones among them, so Holy Jay generously shared his strength source with him.

However, such a thing was unimaginable for other Holy Beings. They wouldn't go so far as to share their own strength source with others.

When one had reached the Holy Realm, strength wasn't the only factor that determined the champion. Still, there were still many specific situations where strength played an important role.

Under such circumstances, it was pertinent that Holy Jay wisely made use of their limited time.

He was responsible for the training of all those ten Godly Geniuses, not just Zen.

All the other Godly Geniuses including Margaret, Lucille, and Karl had their own missions. However, the resources allotted for them were naturally not as many as Zen's and Rocher's.

Holy Jay had never been to the Evolutionary Universe before, so he didn't really understand what exactly was going on there. Right now, all he knew was that Murphy had made his move, and made the creatures within his inner world begin to take over the Evolutionary Universe.

Being the ever perceptive person that Zen was, he asked Holy Jay why he didn't try to deduce the fate of the Evolutionary Universe.

Holy Jay said that he was unable to calculate it himself.

Actually, the methods of divining destiny only existed in the universes. Thus, even a Holy Being wouldn't be able to predict the fate of others in the divine land.

A thoughtful look filled Zen's eyes. He remembered that more than a year ago, Rocher had told him that the so-called destiny was fake. His exact words had implied something similar.

The so-called destiny was merely a path that had been laid out in the heavens for quite a long time. In fact, the divination techniques that were used in the universe were produced by those who thought they had seen through the heavens.

It was because the master of a universe had the ability to arrange everything. They could make any living being in the universe and even any piece of matter move according to their will.

For example, every step that Zen took was arranged by Mike.

However, the divine land was different. Things like a controller or even the heavens did not exist there. It was a world that was freely constructed, and everything within the said world was in a random state.

Legends said that a great divination technique existed in some lost Godly Ways. Not only could it tamper with one's fate, it could also predict the fates of all the living beings in the divine land. Yet up until now, no one had ever comprehended this kind of Godly Way.

Although Holy Jay couldn't deduce the fate of the universe, he estimated they had

ted outside the Soul Suppressing Cliff. He and the rest first thought that they knew a lot about the Divine Refinement Forbidden Land. While their own princess did say that Zen would be able to bring her to the Soul Suppressing Cliff, they didn't believe so. It was beyond their imagination that Zen did bring both sisters there so easily. Unfortunately for them, they could only wait outside in envy as Holy Jay wasn't so generous to allow them into the Soul Suppressing Cliff too.

Half a year later when they had left the Soul Suppressing Cliff, the Han sisters did their best to invite Zen to the divine land.

However, Zen quickly refused the two sisters' invitation almost without hesitation. After all, he was a secondary creature created by Mike. He couldn't enter the divine land at all with his current status. Besides, he would restore into a mass of life vitality if he forced his way in.

What he didn't expect was for Aleyna to say that she could think of a solution, and for Laquisha to show the same intention.

A secondary creature was restored to life vitality upon entry in the divine land. It was the law and breaking the law had dire consequences, but there were still some who had broken it after countless divine eras had passed.

Aleyna expressed that for such an outstanding person like Zen, her royal father should be willing to help.

Zen still firmly refused their invitation. He indeed would go to the divine land, but now was definitely not the time. After all, he couldn't waste any more time because the Evolutionary Universe was still in danger.

Time simply flew by amidst the meticulous but boring cultivation sessions.

Each Godly Genius had made great progress during that time. Finally, almost everyone had gathered in the Dragon Flyer race's "Valley of Time" in the last year and chose to go into seclusion. The place contained Holy Jay's perception of time, and the time there was compressed to a certain degree. Therefore, it was the most suitable place among the six great cultivation sacred places to go into seclusion.

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